how much does it cost to replace "2nd gear" on a motorcycle? [2001 Suzuki GSX-R 600]?

what exactly do i need to buy to replace it?


if i wanted to google the exact part name and see how much everyone sells it for, what do i search for?

are there muliple parts that i need to buy?

i always select the best answer.

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    On most Japanese transverse fours, the engine has to be removed from the frame and turned upside down. There are a bunch of bolts that are then removed and the bottom half of the engine cases comes off. You can then see the engine's internals, the crankshaft, the transmission drive shaft with the clutch on one end and the driven shaft which is connected to the sprocket that runs the drive chain to the rear wheel. There will also be a cylindrical object with grooves that look like worm tunnels. Attached to this are the shifting forks, the things that move the gears when you move the shift lever. Usually the gear set is above (when the engine is upside down) the shifting forks. The gear sets simply lift up and out. Of course there may be other things that must be removed before doing this, the oil pump may have to be removed, oil filter pickup and so on.

    Changing the actual gears on the shaft may include removing internal or external circlips and then sliding them off of the shaft.

    Now for the important part, why do you think 2nd gear needs to be replaced? Shaft bearings seldom fail and usually, problems are the inability to shift or once shifted, it jumps out of gear when you pour the coal to it. Shifting problems are usually the result of bent shifting forks from slam shifting and jumping out of gear can be a bent fork not fully engaging the gear or worn "dogs", protrusions on each gear that mesh together when in that gear. Too much gear crunching and grinding wears the square edges off of the dogs and it then slips out of gear under hard accelleration.

    You really need to talk to someone knowledgable with your bike. It could be something as simple as a broken spring on the ball detent that can be fixed externally or it may be like the old Yamaha V-4 1200s. Rare was the bike that had an operable 2nd gear. The 2nd gear shifting fork bent like soft butter and for replacement, it was necessary to completely disassemble the engine because the shifting forks were the absolute very last thing to come out. So expensive was the process that most people just shifted past 2nd and tolerated what was then essentially a 4 speed tranny for the rest of their lives. In short, be absolutely sure of what the problem is before tearing into your bike.

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    The Gixxer has enough power for a small car, and a chassis designed for lightning fast responses. In the hands of a beginner, it will immediately do anything you accidentally tell it to do. It's very easy to accidentally wheelie one or drop it in a corner. So, I'd recommend starting out by taking some lessons, where you'll get to do some riding without needing a bike of your own and have an experienced professional teach you how to ride. In the United States, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the biggest group that does these, but there are others. Then you'll want to get some appropriate gear. If you're into sportbikes, you might as well go with the full face helmet and a full leather suit. That'll look the part of a real racer, and keep you protected. For a first sportbike, I'll say it's best to start with one 500 cc's or less. While that may sound close to a 600, the 500's in this market are usually 50 hp or less, and much more forgiving and predictable. I've got a Suzuki GS500F myself, and that one looks a lot like a Gixxer but is a lot easier to ride. Then after you've ridden it for a year or so, if you want more, you'll probably be able to sell it for close to what you paid for it and get something wilder.

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    Motorcycle Gear For Dogs

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    First thing you must have is a manual, this will give you the name of the part and show you whats involved.

    Second you must have the skills, gearboxes are like nothing else on a bike (or car)

    Third you must be able to identify the defective parts and that's not always easy, it can be gears, selectors, bearings etc.

    Gearboxes are probably the most expensive thing on a bike to get rebuilt....there is a reason for that!

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    replacing a "gear" involves a full engine strip - this is a monumentous task, which you shouldn't really undertake unless you have a knowlegeable friend supervising (or you can afford a new engine!)

    Check with a mechanic to see which part is damaged, if it is in the gearbox, id be searching on partfinder for a new gearbox. Try the attached link, i've had success with it, it will probably find you the repair parts you need, or a new gearbox.

    good luck!

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    each gear comes in 2 bits...the primary gear and the secondary gear[i think]..i had to replace them on my xtz660 no2...aprox price for both ''cog's'' are £60..the worst will be the bet is not to buy the gears yet.strip engfine first as there may be other cogs that also need ebay,you may get a full set of gear clusters dirt cheep...then just change the full gears setup..

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    how much does it cost to replace 2nd gear on a 1500 nomad 2003.

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    1 decade ago

    About as much to replace a 3rd gear on a GMX [1992 Toyota Hummingbird GRX-T 400]

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    Honestly probably more than the bike is worth, If second is out I'm sure there's even more serious problems with your tranny

  • 7 years ago

    just priced shift fork replacement for 79 xs1100. 900.00. Going to do it my self

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