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why does his arm pitts stink of curry?? and why does it smell like dog poo when he sweats??

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    Because he eats curry.

    I smell curry and garlic on people. It almost makes me gag.

    Why does he smell like dog poo....

    The above, or I really don't know

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    It's his diet. The food you eat has a huge impact on the smell of perspiration. It also has a large impact on the smell and colour of urine, and on the semen's smell and taste (according to what I've read and heard).

    His armpits probably smell that way because he actually eats spicy food, probably curried foods, like Thai or Indian. As for the "poo-like" smell, a lot of the time that comes from either eating a lot of pungent spices (garlic mixed with curries mixed with other things), or excessive meat eating.

    Not everyone's smell is affected by diet in the same way, but there are general rules that work for most.

    I'd recommend that he examine his dietary choices in terms of how they affect his odour, and also invest in some good body spray and deodorant!

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    It could be Crohn's disease. I work with someone and his pores secrete this horrible curry smell sometimes (he has Crohn's). It puts me off Indian for weeks!

    However, a friend of mine ate a ridiculous amount of minced garlic in a soup-like mixture and the stink was on him for 3 days. You could be 6 feet away and it would still crawl up the old snout!

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    Not drinking enough water to flush the toxins out of the system, therefore they come out of the skin causing the bad smells.

    Try aim for at least 2 L per day.

    I drink 3L min. per day

    No stinking no matter what I eat.

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    maybe he is eating some much curry its going out of his pores and im not to sure about the dog poo maybe buy his deoarant for his b/day maybe or drop a suttle hint

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    possibly the author of All issues thinks that bacteria rely too, no longer purely you. Is it achieveable that no longer all of the Universe is designed with us completely in recommendations? those bacteria gotta stay too. by how, Walt Whitman wrote that "the heady scent of those armpits" became finer than incense and prayer, and clearer data of the Divine at artwork. possibly that's a query of attitude.

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    The secrete is, he doesent use deororant, or not enough. I use the AXE deorodant. ESSENCE

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