Why are 1 in 9 black men in prison?

This is a bunch of crap. so a black man is 10 times more likely to commit a serious crime than a white man? I think thats why most whites are afraid of black people.


I didnt put it in the gay section. it did it on its own. Yahoo must think I'm gay. That OK. I would rather hear what the gays think. they are smarter.

Update 2:

wow. everybody likes to blame everything and everybody but the black man.

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ktlove.........1 in 100 is very bad

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    I read an article on Yahoo the other day about that. (Maybe you read the same one?)

    Ever consider that the black man is caught and found guilty more often? This may account for some of the reasons why our prisons are so overly represented by the black population.

    I just wanted to bring up that racism is still alive today. People who are ignorant to this think it was over in the 60's. Okay, so obviously racism today is mostly very subtle and most white people don't even realize it exists. White people don't realize this because they have what is called "white privilege." In other words, white people are treated "normal," they don't know any different.

    People are afraid of the word, "racist" because they associate that with the KKK or people who do hate crimes. Racism exists today not because of those few people in those awful groups, but because of stereotypes. I am working to overcome this myself. For example, I am a younger white woman living in a large city and have mostly black neighbors. I found myself the other day holding my purse a little tighter when a large black man walked past when I was walking out to my car. Now, there were no outward signs that the man was dangerous. I saw that he was large and black and the stereotype automatically kicked into my subconscious. I remember thinking to myself after he passed and said a friendly 'hello,' "Why was I afraid of this man?" Obviously, it was only because he was a black male.

    The only way these stereotypes can be beat is by each individual. For example, I am working to recognize in myself when I am having 'racist' (or 'stereotyped' if you prefer) thoughts towards another racial group (especially blacks in my case, given my demographics). After recognizing these impulsed thoughts, then act on them! I'm still working on that myself. It's much harder to break than I initially thought... but I have come a long way. :)

    Anyway, you are right about whites being afraid of blacks.

    Source(s): White woman living in predominately black neighborhood... grew up in white middle-upper class suburbia.
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    It is not the race that causes a criminal, but their culture (not culture as a race, but how they was raised, what area they grew up in), their socio-economic group (i.e. how rich they are) and their desperation - sometimes someone has a serious reason to cause a crime; need the money, or revenge.

    It may be the case that there are more less-affluent people of one race in a country than another which can explain a difference in crime caused by that race, however I am 100% sure that a persons race does not directly cause the crime.

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    1 decade ago

    Well most white people arent afraisd of black people and I really doubt that 1 in 9 black men are in jail

    and the reason why there is a dispropotionate number of black people in jail is because in america lots of black people are born in the worst areas and arent born near the good schools so they dont get the best possible education so they sometimes have to commit crimes to survive

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    Although I don't know the answer, nor whether the statistic is accurate, here's my opinion: I think there could be a higher proportion of black than white men in prison, because they've had to fight harder to get places due to slavery/persecution which takes generations to get out of (poverty is closely linked to crime), and also as most countries use racial profiling, and the black people are more likely to be targetted/searched, so more caught and ending up in jail (by proportion). There are probably many more reasons though.

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    a million This it probable any different way around now owing to "valuable" discrimination, affirmative action, females-purely shortlists and the obsession with getting greater females into bigger positions. #3 fake. See #a million #4 whether that's authentic or not, if a guy is a rapist or does some thing undesirable feminists are happy to apply this as a black mark against the finished male gender. #5 yet while a guy is a sufferer of sexual harassment he has to placed up with it. He might face ridicule if he pronounced it to all and sundry. #7 the probabilities of all and sundry being raped are low. additionally adult males are greater probably to be sent to penal complex than a woman for committing the comparable crime. #sixteen that's not plenty the case anymore interior the "you bypass woman!" and "woman potential!" lifestyle. and ladies have the earnings of being inspired to particular themselves and not be ridiculed. i'm not likely to worry dealing with all of them. Your checklist is particularly susceptible and a woman privilege checklist may well be many cases longer. lady privilege checklist: a million. If a guy does some thing undesirable human beings call him animal names and he is going to penal complex. If I do some thing undesirable i'm getting sympathy and help. 2. owing to affirmative action i'm able to get priority for a respectable interest or advertising over adult males who're greater valuable qualified. And if I stay in Sweden i'm able to just about pick my interest through fact of my gender. 3. Divorce case or toddler custody? i gets my way owing to feminist courts and rules being in favour of my gender. 4. If i'm disillusioned i'm allowed to cry which makes me sense plenty greater valuable. If a guy is disillusioned he has to bottle it up till it reaches snapping factor and he does some thing undesirable in anger. Then each physique will exclaim how terrible adult males are. etc etc

  • ADad
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    unfortunately the answer has to be that black males commit more crimes that will land them in jail.

    Why is that? socio economic reasons perhaps play a big part.

    For a long time many in hip hop culture have glamourized violence and thuggery which feeds into this.

    many poor and disenfranchised blacks do not feel part of or valued in America and so it is easy to be criminal for them because they do not accept the laws.

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    Do you have your figures right?

    1 in 9 are black, so what race are the other 8 out of 9?

  • ktlove
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    1 in 100 people were american jail on Jan 1st 2008. Does it matter what color or sex they are? those are good enough numbers to tell the story to me. Why does it need to be broken down by color and sex? Isnt 1 in every 100 worse?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Its SELF INFLICTED. When blacks choose to murder, rape, rob, assault, riot, drug deal they often get arrested + jailed. When whites, Asians + Latinos self inflict by ditto behavior: they often get arrested/jailed. The % relative to population: blacks of the total that is: are out of all proportion to ALL of America's other races! Don't like it: REFORM brothers!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't think so. People have some personal reasons why they are afraid of someone but I don't think that it's like that. It's just a survey. I don't know where you got that information but please don't genralize people. There are good white and black men and there are bad white and black men; they are equal. I hope that helps... >_<

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