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so Hebrew is a "difficult" language?

many Christians said "no need to learn Hebrew" because "it is an old language, and very difficult to learn".

however, Mandarin (Chinese) language is also difficult...lots of characters to memorise....but I see many non-Chinese learning Mandarin.....maybe due to economic or social reasons.

Christians, I hope u guys will learn Hebrew - so as to respect the ORIGINAL language of the matter how difficult or old the language is.

whenever there is a will....there is a way.

may after learning the language of the Bible, u guys will further understand Christianity better - and able to give more convincing answers to those atheists who seem to be "bashing" Christianity.....

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    Hebrew is an old language but is alive and spoken

    in Israel. I really believe that reading the Bible in

    the original language can be rewarding.

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    Jesus spoke Aramaic while the New Testament (including Paul's letters) was written in Koine Greek.

    I'm not discouraging anyone from learning other languages, but it's not necessary to understand Christianity or even be able to debate things about the bible with people who aren't Christians.

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    Learning how to keep things in their context while not reading their own previously held ideas into the text would be of more benefit, along with a better understanding of english.

    Source(s): Sword of the Spirit
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    I do not know the way you are saying "track" within the different languages you point out, however in Hebrew is "Shir", it's suggested "sheer". It is written like this in Hebrew: ????? In French, track is "chanson", in Italian "canzone" and in Portuguese "música".

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    Sorry if my answers seem to be bashing but sometimes facts will feel like that.

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    u are right....many of the Malay/ Muslims here do not know Arabic either...although we read the Quran in Arabic..and we say our prayers in Arabic.

    I think I shall sign up for Arabic lessons.....inshallah!

    Source(s): I am a Malay/ Muslim from Singapore
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    i will love to learn Hebrew.

    but since is going from right to left, it will be hard.

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    nop u wil learn it in 2 month its normal

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