Macbeth Act 2 Questions?

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1. After mcbeth kills duncan he goes to lady mcbeth and is concerned about not being able to say Amen. what is her advice? 2. Macbeth is worried about hearing a voice saying more
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1. act 2 scene 2 I think that's what you're talking about. what lady Macbth says is "Consider it not so deeply" in other words don't be too serious about that.
2. Lady Macbeth ignores it and tells him to wash the blood off of his hands from murdering Duncan.
3. Macbeth doesn't take the daggers back because he is scared and filled with guilt. He didn't want to get through killing Duncan in the first place. He says " I'll go no more. I am afriad to think of what Iv'e done....."
4. MacDuff and Lennox knock at the door.
5. Lennox says "The night has been unruly. Where we lay, Our chimneys were blown down and as they say Lamentings heard i' th' air strange screams of death........."
Macbeth answers "twas a rough night"
6. MacDuff discovers Duncan's body
7.I'll just give you the quote I remember. "who can be wise, amazed ,temp'rate and furious Loyal and nueteral in a moment? No man...........His silver skin laced with his golden blood......Who could refrain that had a heart to love and in thay heart courage to make love known.

8.They leave because they do not believe they are safe after their father being murdered. they think they are next.
9. they believe they are responsible because the have fled immmediately after their father was killed that's kind of strange.
10. she rang the bell.
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  • ff_boogerhead answered 6 years ago
    1- just to let it go- he does it all the time in battle it wasnt anything major. forget about it
    2- dont listen to it & get rest so he doesnt seem so suspicious
    3-because hes scared to so Lady Macbeth does it for him
    4- malcom & donalbain
    5- he said it was unruly & macbeth just agreed
    6- duncan murdered
    7-he did it out of envy but he claimed he wasnt thinking
    8- because they didnt want to get murdered too
    9-because they fled
    10- she faints


    my english class <3
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  • revolu7ion answered 6 years ago
    3. I think it's because he feels guilty and doesn't want to remember what he's done.
    7. I think it's because they were going to kill the king. The real reason is so that they wouldn't tell on him.

    I read this book a while ago and can faintly remember a few things.
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