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Is there a lot of racism towards black Americans in New Zealand? What is the best city to live in New Zealand?

Hi my name is Leo and I wanted to ask you are there any black people in new zealand? are people racist against black people from america? I am thinking of moving there after I graduate college. Could you also tell me what is it like in Auckland. How is the Nightlife there. I love to dance and I am looking for a place that has a lot of females and somewhere that has a lot to do

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    Hi Leo,

    Like pretty much everywhere, you'll find racism in NZ too. But here the main targets of most racist comments/actions are generally those of Asian, Muslim or Maori (NZ's indigenous people) ethnicities. There have been a few (generally isolated) cases of physical or other severe racist attacks... but these are generally few and far between.... please don't be put off by Tothebatmobile's comments... he makes it sound like we are stuck in 1960's southern USA with his talk of the KKK... it is not at all like that here. Most racism in NZ I think stems from lack of understanding, rather than hatred... although, I must admit I am "white", so perhaps its different from a non-white perspective.

    That said, the North Island, and the cities of Auckland and Wellington in particular, are much more multi-cultural than the South Island. Auckland has a large Asian/Indian community as well as many Maori and Pacific Islanders... not too many black Americans, but definitely some. Christchurch (and the South Island as a whole) are very 'white' by comparison, so there is generally a much lesser understanding of other cultures. Big cities are generally more tolerant and understanding than rural areas, but as you've asked about nightlife & dancing, I would DEFINITELY avoid the rural areas!!

    Racism against Maori is probably similar to the racism in America against the native Americans... an early history of being considered a "lesser" people by the first white settlers, land & possessions 'bought' (for a few muskets) or just plain stolen off them, has resulted in many Maori being in a lower socio-economic situation than the general NZ population. Pacific Islanders (Samoans, Tongans, etc) are generally treated similar to Maori.

    Most other racism in NZ is probably more to do with language and cultural differences, rather than the colour of their skin... e.g. Asian, Indian or Muslim immigrants... again, a lack of understanding and threat of something different, rather than a general hatred or malice... or the fact that their skin is a different colour. A lot of immigrant communities tend to be quite insular, and I think some kiwis are threatened by that, and think that they are not trying to 'fit in' to our culture... which is where the mis-understanding, intolerance & racism comes from.

    Given that American culture is very similar to Kiwi culture, I don't think you would have many (if any) problems here... in fact, people will probably hassle you more for being an American in general, than for being African-American... there is quite a lot of anti-Bush sentiment here in NZ (and anti-Iraq war), which many NZ'ers seem to tar every American with, whether they support Bush and the war or not... but again, nothing major enough that should put you off coming here.

    I spent 6 weeks travelling around the Southern states of the US a year or so ago... In some places I could feel the tension between "whites" and "blacks"... I have never felt that here in NZ.... racism here is more about innappropriate comments from someone that hasn't thought before they spoke.

    In terms of nightlife... I think Auckland & Wellington are probably your best bets... larger cities with a variety of clubs, pubs, bars and other entertainment options. AUckland gets most of the big concerts from overseas acts, but Wellington is more of a "metro" city... great cafe, arty, 'hip' scene. Can't give you much advice on the dance scene, as I'm not really into it, but I would think that AUckland is probably better, just due to sheer numbers of people (its our biggest city, with about a quarter of NZ's total population).

    If you're not sure about NZ, I would come for a holiday and travel round for a bit, see how you find it before committing to moving here and going through the rigmarole of getting the appropriate immigration approvals etc. Hopefully you'll find that your fears are unfounded and that we're a pretty friendly bunch in general, whether you are white, black, pink or polka-dotted!!

    Best of luck with whereever you end up...

    Source(s): Have lived in NZ all my life - both in rural South Island, in Christchurch and in Auckland, and have travelled the rest of the country extensively.
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    Is there a lot of racism towards black Americans in New Zealand? What is the best city to live in New Zealand?

    Hi my name is Leo and I wanted to ask you are there any black people in new zealand? are people racist against black people from america? I am thinking of moving there after I graduate college. Could you also tell me what is it like in Auckland. How is the Nightlife there. I love to dance and I am...

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    The harbour-side town of Auckland is New Zealand's true city and the vibrant economic heart of the nation, know it with hotelbye . Auckland can be referred to as the "City of Sails" and it sprawls out in helter-skelter fashion between Manukau Harbour (to the west) and Waitemata Harbour (to the east) with the lightweight key city district proper near the waterway. For most readers to New Zealand, Auckland is the point of arrival, and a couple of days washing up the national and outdoor attractions here should be on every tourist's to-do list. The monuments, museums, and art galleries here are a few of the finest in the country. The suburban coastline of the city is speckled with great beaches, and the hawaiian islands of the Hauraki Gulf provide a taste of New Zealand's magnificent national park scenery right on the city's doorstep. Auckland is surely a town worth seeing.

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    New Zealand Racism

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    I disagree with all the comments about Christchurch I have been living here my whole life (18yrs) and you may think that that isn't very long..but I'm fairly observant and have a wide range of friends. Christchurch is not a bad place at all in fact I have witnessed more racism in Auckland which I have been to for around 2 weeeks at a ime 3 or 4 times a year! But the racism is far more generated towards asians. I love all of New Zealad, and don't think people should be talking so much rubish about christchurch, its a wonderful city.

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    Hi Leo

    I live in Wellington in the North Island of New Zealand. This is definately the place to be as Wellington has a multicultural race, we do have a few black Americans here but we also have other cultures ranging from Tongans, Fijians, Asians, Brits, Chinese, Americans you name it New Zealand has it.

    Yes of course there is going to be a few misfits that have bad opinions of other races, but this is world wide. If you decide to migrate to NZ you will love it, Kiwi's culture is the best.

    The nightlife here in Wellington is great. As someone mentioned in a previous question Don't move to Christchurch in the South Island. Stay clear of the place. Keep in touch if you do decide to move here to Wellington. I have a few contacts for accomodation.

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    I personally think you will be seen as an american first here. I know there are some small groups of US blacks who have been here for sometime, but now there are lots of people living in New Zealand from all over the world.

    I live in the south Island and have limited experience of auckland but its big enough to have lots of entertainment and things to do.

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    You misspelled "Condoleezza" and "Barack." I hope black people do not, as you put it "relying on Whites to solve their problems." Black people are just as human as anyone else, and I think if I were black, I would be offended that you would imply that black people can not do things for themselves. I understand racism is a pretty bad thing, but it should not rule any person's life. I will also say this, I was raised in the south, and the guy who took care of my house was black, and he was the hardest working person ever, and I often wonder if he had been born somewhere else if he would have been a doctor, or a lawyer, or a CEO.

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    There aren't too many black Americans that I know off in New Zealand, however there are lots of black people.

    New Zealand is a very multicultural country. I think about 20% of New Zealand is black (Maoris, Islanders, Africans etc.)

    There are racist people everywhere, but I think you won't find too much of it in New Zealand.

    Auckland is a large city with heaps to do (although it would probobly be very quite compared to the US)

    Auckland has pretty good night life from what I have heard. You'll be fine =)

    Trust me, if you move to New Zealand you probobly will not regret it.

    Just go and try it out and see how you like it.

    I'm sure the kiwis will love your cool accent =)

    Thanks for the question

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    Christchurch is a racist city and in small towns you'd get looked at because seeing a black person would be rare for them (but they won't necessarily react with hostility, depends on the person) but in Auckland there are a lot of Pacific Islanders and Maori's and they basically worship African American hip hop culture so if you're into that you won't have trouble getting a girlfriend or making friends, that's for sure! The best nightlife in New Zealand is in Auckland and Wellington. Wellington is small but it's really social with lots of bars & restaurants, etc & very easy to make friends as people are inclusive and friendly. Auckland has more of a dance scene than Wellington but Auckland is quite cliquey socially, people aren't that open to meeting strangers. I'm surprised you would want to move down here, I assume you've been here on holiday or something already? Or your chosen area of work has a shortage down here & NZ is one of your options re where you can go or something?

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    I'm also looking to move to New Zealand between now and next year. I'm a Filmmaker and I was wondering does anyone have any good network or connection in regards to production?

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