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    Maphilindo (for Malaya, the Philippines, and Indonesia) was to be a nonpolitical confederation uniting the Malay race.

    The original plan for a united malay nation was attempted by Wenesclao Vinzons during the Commonwealth government in the Philippines. There he espoused a United Malay race – his Malaya Irredenta ideal (Malaya Irredenta was another name for Maphilindo). It was a concept that was inconceivable during his time but it showed the farreaching vision.

    In July 1963, President Diosdado Macapagal of the Philippines convened a summit meeting in Manila. Maphilindo was proposed as a realization of Jose Rizal's dream of bringing together the Malay peoples, seen as artificially divided by colonial frontiers.

    Maphilindo was described as a regional association that would approach issues of common concern in the spirit of consensus. However, it was also perceived as a tactic on the parts of Jakarta and Manila to delay, or even prevent, the formation of the Federation of Malaysia. Manila had its own claim to Sabah (formerly British North Borneo), and Jakarta protested the formation of Malaysia as a British imperialist plot. The plan failed when Sukarno adopted his plan of konfrontasi with Malaysia. The subsequent development of ASEAN almost certainly excludes any possibility of the project ever being revived.

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    I should like to think so. Well, I first like to leave my answer as that, but I have been to all those places in different timing span: the longest is Thailand, then three years in Indonesia, and a couple of months in Malaysia, just 20 days in the Philippines working but travelling around, so I think I might be in a position to answer you about these places. Still, the answer is in what aspect you would like to ask? Investment, Travelling, working, living, religion, economics, level of development, standard of living, the friendliness of the people, the sinnest redlight destrict, the longest and most complex social and history, the diversity of cultures and people. Still, the answer is Thailand is best in all those and will remain so for some time to come.

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    To unite all 3 countries to made up a big Malay nation.Besides that,they want to prevent the countries be taken by Western nation.Also want to build up the economy.

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