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Can US military invade China?

If there was a war in Korea or Taiwan, China and US would go to war. Although US military is the most powerful military in the world, however I dont think America can attack or invade China which has about 400 nuclear warheads.

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    I hoped that we are never in a war with China. That country has one third of the world's population something like 2 billion.

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    China also has the worlds largest army in the world. So these two countries are evenly matched, however, I think the countries would not use the nuclear warheads because of the damage that they can cause. The other countries wouldn't agree either

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    Can the US invade China? No. united states of america's militia is numerically outnumbered and at the instant overstretched. united states of america lost a number of divisions in the process the Korean conflict whilst they ventured too on the component of the Yalu river. Can the US attempt to bomb China? specific. yet China can retaliate. via the way, China has no defence comprehend-how with North Korea. i think of each and every person is basically waiting for Kim to die of previous age or mellow out.

  • Anonymous
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    Wow.... most uninformed question of the day.....

    Leave the military strategy to those who understand it.

    A ground force invasion in a realistic sense has little to do with the nuclear arsenal of the country being attacked.

    The nuances of planning military strategy go far beyond your simplistic over view.

    Source(s): 21 year military officer
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  • Anonymous
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    Why as Why? Why not ask if the U.S. could invade Mars its basically the same question.

  • 1 decade ago

    I see a dust wasteland in their future

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think the US WANTS to invade China.. they could most likely destroy us... sadly

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