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Do they have lighthouse keepers anymore?

if so this must have been spectacular or frightening!


Morning all!

Stormy you have the right name lol

Just wondered if they had a keeper here and there!

Update 2:

That's interesting Amy

Surprised so many of you know that one-we have one at Happisburgh-Norfolk which is privately owned

Update 3:

You have to love the sea to be on these !

Update 4:

Thanks Hein-very interesting-a subject to be enjoyed

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    Lighthouses have become automated; and many are outdated due to radar available to modern day shipping.

    The picture is amazing!

    My family tree is filled with lighthouse keepers.

  • max m
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    1 decade ago

    Lighthouses have been automated since 1998, when North Foreland Light in Kent was the last one to be manned.

    Used to live near that lighthouse in Seaford and the weather there used to get quite bad sometimes!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You havnt looked very hard... It's expensive to operate and it's crumbling cell blocks would need almost complete reconstruction. Essentially, it would cost a fortune to renovate. Plus, with the costs of transporting all goods to an island in the middle of the bay, its just too expensive to justify. Essentially, you've asked why the Titanic is no longer in operate. You see no reason why it cant be used. The answer is that it's a rusted out hulk at the bottom of the ocean.

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    Unfortunately very few Lighthouses are manned today they are automated. Yes it must have been a great experience, one draw back was that they were away from their love ones along time. (Maybe that was good)

    How about a holiday in a redundant Lighthouse they are available, try.........

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  • AnnaG
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    1 decade ago

    I always watch ghost hunters (TAPS), and they had one episode where they went to some lighthouse to investigate it and they said that they still have lighthouse keepers, they just don't stay there all day and night. Liek someone goes and checks it out to make sure everythings working OK. I guess it can be different depending where you are tho.

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    They are all automated now, closure of the last manned one in the UK (North Foreland Lighthouse in Kent ) was in 1998. But yeah must have been one scary job at times!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Plato they use robots to monitor the light houses these days. It takes away from the romance of solitude though. Or the horror stories about the local of the light house. It would be soooo cool to hang around a light house for a couple of days before the loneliness drives you insane and you kill hundreds of sea gulls.

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    I think all the UK lighthouses went automated a few years back - but thats an amazing picture to take in such tricky conditions.

  • hein
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    1 decade ago

    Great picture Plato, i think the big ones have keepers.

    Here some from Singapore (old ones)

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    I think a lot of them are automated.

    I'd *love* to be a lighthouse keeper.

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