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How many carbohydrates should i eat per day? and not put on weight.?

I try to eat most of my carbohydrates in the morning to give me energy throughout the day. I usually have a very large breakfast which contains the folowing:


1 bowl (serve) of plain oaths with milk. (aprox 20g carbs)

2 weet bix (with milk.) (21g carbs)

1 crumpet (16g carbs)

1 glass of orange juice (17g carbs)

1 very small serve of prune juice (high in fibre) aprox ( 10g carbs)


1 breakfast bar ( 100 calories) 20g carbs

1 ham sandwhich multi grain bread (aprox 28 carbs)


I usally try to limit my carbs when i eat dinner and get a good source of protein from meats. I usually eat the folowing meats:

Chicken breast fillet (skinless)

Fish (grilled,skinless) (3g fat, 15g protein)

I may have side dishes with the meals thay may have around 10-20g of carbs but not all the time.Im 14 aswell and i just dont want to eat too many carbs. Im very fit and run 4-6km a day. And burn 300-800 calories a day just from excersise a lone. I also do weight aswell. Ty!

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    Hey Scott

    i wouldn't worry to much about your diet, it read very good, keep up the good work....

    The human body requires a set amount of calories to work properly. The total calories (kcal) consumed each day by men varies from 1500-4000 for most males: the total for females varies from 900-2500. In extreme cases, calorie intake can vary wildly, from 0 for someone on a water fast, to over 8000 kcal for a logger who burns them all while working, without gaining an ounce, and as high as 12,000 kcal per day for weight-lifters and bodybuilders.

    Here is a very rough guide of how many calories you need per day, if you want to lose weight. It's a ballpark estimate only.


    Teenagers need about 1500-1800 calories per day

    Women (Non-Active)

    Sedentary women typically need about 1100-1300 calories per day

    Women (Active)

    Active women typically need about 1400-1600 calories per day

    Men (Non-Active)

    Sedentary men typically need about 1600-1800 calories per day

    Men (Active)

    Active men typically need about 1800-2000 calories per day

    Quick Estimate of Calorie Needs

    Here is a very rough and ready guide to calculating your calorie needs. Just be careful to maintain your daily calorie intake above 1000 calories, minimum.


    To Maintain Weight - Multiply your weight (in pounds) by 12

    This is a rough estimate of daily calories needed to maintain weight.

    To Lose Weight - Deduct 500 calories from this figure

    This gives you a rough estimate of the daily calories needed for you to lose about 1 pound per week.


    To Maintain Weight - Multiply your weight (in pounds) by 14

    This is a rough estimate of daily calories needed to maintain weight.

    To Lose Weight - Deduct 500 calories from this figure

    This gives you a rough estimate of the daily calories you need to lose about 1 pound per week

    I hope that helps....take care and Keep the Faith....PEACE....cya....

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    It's not the carbs themselves that get you, it's all the calories that come with them. 1 gram of carbs will give you 4 calories, and calories that come from carbs should account for 40-65% of the calories you eat each day. Say if you ate 1500 calories in a day, 600-975 of those calories should come from carbs. Since you know each gram of carbs is 4 calories, you know you should eat 150-244g of carbs. So, if you're eating 1500 calories in a day, you're doing just fine.

    As long as you know how many calories you are eating/should be eating in a day (and it's easy enough to find a calorie calculator online, that can tell you), you can do it a much easier way, which is this: However many calories you eat in a day, divide that number by 8, and that's how many grams of carbs you should have. If I eat 1200 calories a day, I should eat 150g carbs. If I eat 2000 calories a day, I should eat 250g carbs (of course, that's way too many calories for me, and I would just balloon right up). But that makes sense, yes?

    Of course, because you're so young, you should consult a professional (like a doctor or a dietician) if you plan any big changes.

    Keep in mind you're also still growing, so putting on weight can just be part of a growth spurt.

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    Include at lowest 10 to 15 grams regarding protein, which suppresses ghrelin, some sort of hormone that stimulates your desire for foods. Include eggs, which are which may control hunger.

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    Stand up each time you talk for the phone.

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    Teach your kids your chosen sport (or have them teach you theirs).

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    use meditation to help you cope with chronic stress which can lead you to crave feel good carbs

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    instead of a three ounce serving of steak try a three ounce serving of salmon instead

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    Do 45 minutes cardio workouts a few times a week

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    Eat a grapefruit rather than drinking juice; the fiber will allow you to feel full longer, and grapefruit is which could help with weight loss.

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