Adding CMC powder to Cake Fondant?

Hi, I was wondering how much CMC powder i add to 500grams of Fondant. If you know a website that has these measurements I would luv it, Cheers!

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    All I've been able to find says 2 teaspoons to one pound, so for 500 grams, about a teaspoon, I'd say. Here's a forum on a cake decorating board, maybe you could join and post there.

    Here's a recipe for making fondant that includes CMC:

    Homemade Roll Fondant

    2 pounds 10X confectioner's sugar

    1/2 tablespoon CMC, tylose or gum tragacanth (see note)

    1/2 cup glucose (see note)

    1 tablespoon vegetable shortening

    6 tablespoons very hot water (You may add more water depending on the texture you wish to give it.)


    Makes 2 1/2 pounds fondant.

    See the webpage for complete instructions:

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    Cmc Powder

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