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Ive been wondering about this for a while now.?

Hey guys, im 14 years old and do a lot of excersise per day. I run 4-6km a day and do weight. I usually burn 300-800 calories a day threw excersise. I eat healthy foods but im wondering if eating unhealthy foods for 1 day not really unhealthy but some unhealthy foods, would it help you lose weight after you have eaten it. Because ive heard that it does something to your metabolism and you start burning fat faster again if you eat fatty foods every now and then aswell as healthy foods. Just wondering if its true thats all peace!

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    It's called the "leptin effect" To my surprise. I've noticed it actually did happen to me on occasion but I wouldn't count on it as a weight loss tool. It's different for everyone so it may or may not work for you. The study of the hormone is still mostly speculation but it might be one of the keys in the battle of the bulge. Eating healthy as part of a healthy lifestyle is still your best bet. good luck!

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