rainbow six vegas 2 better than call of duty 4?

cause i'm thinking of getting call of duty 4 but i heard rainbow six vegas 2 came out recently. so whoever has played both which would you recommend me to buy? btw call of duty 4 is soo fun but i want to see if vegas 2 is better and worth to buy (i already have vegas 1 so i already know the gameplay of vegas 2)

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    I think it is almost impossible to beat COD4. i have tried Rainbow 6 games, they are pretty fun but i like COD4 better. it is what you like...more tactical or a gun fight

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    both games seem great but call of duty 4 is simply the most addictive and entertaining game these days. the first rainbow six: vegas was an amazing TACTICAL shooter game and call of duty is just all-around killing. rainbow six: vegas 2 seems good but it will take time for people to get the hang of the game. its gonna take a loooong time for game creators to make a game better than call of duty 4. i have also heard that rainbow six vegas 2's experience is not as good as the first, for example, you get shot once and you die. also there are many glitches, like if you complete campaign, then in multiplayer, you could only use a few weapons, not all of the ones usable from campaign.

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    I got rainbow six vegas 2 the other day. one thing it has on cod4 is that you dont gotta prestige and all that crap. Also, there are A.C.E.S. which are these seperate challenges that give you points and new weapon. when you get to a higher rank you either get gear like armour and clothes and camo, or you +500xp - +5000xp. Also, in rainbow you can customize your person, and make them a boy or girl. Call of duty is more of a repetitive game where you go to the same spot on each game type and kill with the same weapon. in rsv2 its much different. there are different paths and hallways and the action never stays in the same place. you can also take cover which is a huge advantage. Cod4 is more of a shooting game and rsv2 is more of a tactical game. I believe rsv2 is better overall, although cod4 is a really great game.

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    Call of Duty 4 is awesome. I just got Vegas 2 and I haven't played it yet.....but I love Rainbow 6 games. And I especially loved Raven shield....and a lot of the multiplayer maps in the new one are from Raven Shield....so i can only imagine it will be awesome.

    I agree with the guy who said "Any FPS fan should own both". You should also get Bioshock if you like one player FPS action.

    P.s. The best game on the 360 right now in my opinion is Mass Effect.

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    Don't get me wrong. I love COD4, but the new Vegas 2 blows it out of the water. COD4 has a better graphics engine, but the actual gameplay of Vegas is much better. Not to mention, they incorporated sprinting into Vegas 2. So, now, the only definitive difference is you can take cover against walls and blind fire in Vegas. In COD4 you can go prone (lay down). The new ranking style offered by Vegas 2 is a drastic improvement over the original Vegas and completely dominant over COD4s ranking system. Online, it looks like corner glitches are still going to pose a problem on Vegas 2. Anyway, hats off to the R6V2 development team.

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    Well their both different between Games ones a army game and ones a swat team game they are both good game but ima have to go with COD4 because Rainbow 6 vegas 2 got a few bug they need to work out like the Servers(on live) crappy and they dont have unlimited respawns(on live) only in training so yea got with COD4 if you have LIVE because COD is nothing without live but if you dont then got with Rainbow 6 because the story mode is just beautiful and well polish and terrorist hunt is the game for anybody.its just fun.both r

    So if have Live go with Call Of Duty

    and if you dont go with R6V2

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    I have call of duty 4, don't get me it's a fantastic game, but also i got rainbow six vegas 2 today and personally i think it's way better, the ranking systems, online etc.

    So yeah, rainbow six vegas 2 for the win.

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    1 decade ago

    Well I just got done playing both a few hours ago. Here's the scoop.

    COD4 is a lot easier to get a game going. I don't know if it is because R6V2 just came out but it was just about impossible to get a game going so when in ranked matches you can't play with the same people so you must constantly find new game to play which is a waste of time. Though the graphics and game play are far far better than call of duty.

    I'm not done with the campaign but so far they are equally fun, though I think more skill is required altogether to play Rainbow 6.

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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 came out today so it is very difficult to make predictions right now but COD4 is insanely addictive.

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    get Game Fly and rent both.

    I have played both and Enjoy RB6v2 better,here is why:

    what COD4 over RB6v2

    Perks! (more ammo, more stopping power, Last stand. etc)

    Kill Bonus (ie air support)

    Fast pace action (meaning there is alot of RAMBO action or One man hero stuff)

    What RB6v2 has ov COD4

    Wepon feature and modes (fire modes and a hand full of add ons per gun. Modes like Single, burst or auto shot. Features like scopes, laser sites, recoil reducing stocks and larger ammo clips)

    Character customization Female and Male. (add your own FACE to ur avatar. Change headgear, shirts, pants and accesories like masks and glasses. Change ur armor with Actual effect. Meaning if u have no armour on ur legs hits will hurt more there! you can also Change the color of ur apearal, you could be all black like a shadow or as bright as hot pink)

    COVER. (you can take cover behind walls and depending our ur gear u can be completey hidden or if u have alot of armor or a long Sniper rifle some of it may be slightly exposed.)

    MORE demo and special wepons (breach charges, C4, Smoke, tear gas, gps, motion sensors,flash, radar jammers, frags, incineraries, etc)

    now beside the stated highlights both games are fairly different.

    COD like ALL CoD games has a more acade like feel. Easy to pick up meaning easy to master. this also means everyone is on the same simple learnign curve. This being said team work is not nessicarily needed. One man can take out several given the right but fairly common situation in a matter of seconds with basic efforts. Not saying CoD games take no skill. its just a differnet kind of skill.

    RB games like ALL RB games have been souly on teamwork and realism. Shots Hurt ALOT and recoil is stupid real. This being said, One man army is nearly impossible and team work is almost required.

    I mainly enjoy RB6 over CoD because Im forced to use TEAM work. if I was just running around gunning down my enemies then whats the point of playing Online? its not much different then play against AI.... RB6 Truely brings out the online gaming experience

    I not rating the game on single player because that involves a story and liking or disliking it is a very personal question which only you can answer.

    and to be Fair. Rb6v2 is newer and Im sure the devs took some Key features from Cod4

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    1 decade ago

    I own both games. I think they're both fantastic. I play Call of Duty for the multiplayer and RSV2 for the single player/Terrorist Hunt mode. If I had to choose one of the two I'd go with Call of Duty 4.

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