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What does a guy mean by saying "I think you're cute."?

It's just such a lame term. "Cute." It makes me feel like a little girl, or like the guy doesn't take me seriously. Am I just over thinking it or does the term mean something different in "guy terms"?

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    It means he thinks you're cute...

    You're over-thinking - I sincerely doubt that he meant it as an insult. He most likely just thinks you're hot, but doesn't want to sound like a creep :)

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    The may actually want to say 'you're beautiful' or 'you're very pretty' but he may also be very shy and instead say 'you're cute' because he may be afraid of rejection if he throws around compliments so easily. On the other band he may say 'you're cute' because of a certain way you smiled or something about your eyes that made his heart flutter and his head spin while at the same time sent a flood of blood rushing through his pants. So he says 'your cute' when he really wants to say 'you're so damn hot!!!!!'

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    Saying Cute

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    When I say it to a girl it means I'm attracted and there's potential here. It's definitely a compliment. As humans we have often judge others too harshly, take a compliment when it's presented, they are few and far between, especially the sincere ones

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    My boyfriend is always telling me I'm cute =)

    I don't think guys mean it like "little girl" or whatever... I think they mean that you are simply cute... you make them smile... make them laugh... etc. Least, this is what my boyfriend means when he says it. Not all guys are the same though.

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    Guess it depends on how he says it, like if he thinks you're cute when you're mad then you could see it as it being lame, but if he thinks you're cute to where he finds you attractive like being in a relationship with you, then you shouldn't think bad about it.

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    I would say a girls cute if she's hot. Because I wouldn't just say "YOUR HAWT!!!" and I wouldnt say your attractive. So cute means a lot of things but it definetly means he thinks your pretty good looking ;)

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    next time he says it, be ready.

    and then say, "thanks. but why dont you call me pretty

    instead of cute?"

    be ready to take the initiative to ask a question!

    i dont think you're thinking it over. i do the same thing

    my guy friend tells me im pretty and i want to take it

    as more but i know i cant because hes my friend. so i

    take it as a compliment and discuss it with him. like if

    he really thinks it or hes just saying ta make me feel

    good bout myself. and he tells me i seriously am really

    pretty! so talk to him! if hes your friend he'll explain :D

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    It means what it are cute. Don't take what men say deeper than what it is on the surface. I would take the safe road and just take it as a compliment and no don't over think it...which we women tend to do.

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    To me i see cute in different ways on a girl..example: she is pretty but when she's angry, sad or when she smile she's cute.. Also the hairstyle can be cute or her face is just cute... Hot is not cute to me its like hot is she got sexy body.. Also i cant say she's cute when she is just pretty or gorgeous..i rather say she is pretty.. I guess to me cute girl and pretty girl r just different faces..

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