What's more pathetic: one lion creating a puppet account,or a gang of lions preying upon this one human being?

So, there's a dude creating a puppet account and giving himself best answers. So what? Gosh.

If it really bothers you so much, mail him and discuss it with him. A person that spends hours and hours creating questions, logging out, answering the questions, logging out again and giving himself best answers...obviously needs help.

It doesn't make his answers more valid, and I can't imagine anybody really cares whether or not he has 10%, 20% or 90% best answers.

He's still human.

What's more pathetic: one lion creating a puppet account, or an entire gang of lions preying upon this one human being?


B-Krak and Deke: I do understand it, really. But this would be a perfect time to show the true atheist morals...

Update 2:

Deke: the respect goes both ways, but you know that :)

We just handle such things differently. That doesn't mean I don't agree that what he has done is indeed hypocrisy. You're completely right in that. I just don't like it when individuals are being teamed up against, no matter what I think of LoJ.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Best answer

    Oh My Goodness, I leave for a while to run errands and all heck breaks loose.

    This Guy Deke has Hounded me for the past two months, In an I.M. Message He claimed he was Going to put a Bomb on my Doorstep, so what the heck is that ?

    Look, Omega, ? so what, he asks questions I answer them, For one thing he accused me falsely of creating puppet accounts, Omega, yes, Gives me for the most part all best answers, But look at all of the other answers provided, they are for the most part junk with a few exceptions here and there, Most people don't want true answers to the questions asked with and Objective mind set when asking, they only want answers that they already agree with and have made up their minds on the issue.

    And what is this with the obsession with the points anyway, I mean really, who cares about the points ? Does it increase your pay ? NO. Does it put gas in your car ? No.

    So what is the fuss ?

    This Guy Deke seems obsessed with me for some reason all over useless points that don't add up to a hill of beans in the long run.

    The whole point of me being here is answering questions to people who genuine want answers to questions with an objective mind, If any of you have noticed, I have changed the way I answer questions, I selectivity answer certain questions from certain people not for the sake of points I don't give a rats tail about those stupid points or some silly Top Contributor badge, those mean nothing to me.(Though they obviously mean the whole world to Deke for some reason)

    I am here to give answers to questions from those who want real answers,

    For one thing why isn't deke going after The Current R&S Leader ? That person has been on Answers only less than 3 months before me and has over 4500 best answers, with over 100, 000 points ! In My opinion I see no way that that can be done just by answering questions or in other words (Playing by rules) But that is just my opinion, even so, I have no real problem with her/him (Current leader) doing that, he/she does what she does and I do what I do.

    Who cares about those lousy points ?

    The whole point of this is to educate people one way or the other for people who have questions , the points ? Shoot , the points, man people have blown that so out-of proportion it amazes me.

  • 1 decade ago

    All I know is that, by the answers I see posted by the person in question, I would say that I don't really think the point is to get Best Answer or TC status. I believe that the whole point in answering any question, by any means, is just a soap-box for him to spout whatever "message" is his point of the day. All the answers I have ever seen are not open to discussion or rebuttal because he, in his own mind, is always right and is the only one with the "truth" which must be "shared" whether or not you are listening. Methinks it is someone in love with the sound of his own voice but, here, it must be written. Having said that I just pass him by, as I would any long-winded bore at a party. I don't bother to gang up on him. He is not of any concern to me, and I do not wish any harm to him at all. It keeps him busy! *smile* Peace all.

  • Loosid
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Yay Markyyy!

    Way to step out. I personally wouldnt do what LOJ did, however I also think its disgusting the way people feed upon each other and join the mob mentality to continually go off on this guy.

    I think its awesome you and Jamus brought this up even though you both disagree with most of what he says.

    It shows a morality that is reserved for the most moral of us all as the majority choose the low road in this type of senario often.


  • cmw
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Bologna about Deke threatening anyone. He's a fun, silly person, not a mean one. Sarcasm is as violent as he gets.

    This is embarassing to other Christians. At least some of them are here to talk about, you know, religion.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Points shmoints. Get to level 7 or anywhere near it and your account gets deleted on a whim anyway.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't have a problem with people having multiple accounts...

    I don't like the idea of people breaking the rules and giving themselves best answer. If it was one best answer, then maybe I could understand, after all maybe it was the best answer... but over and over again... it seems a little over kill.

    But what comes around, goes around, and eventually the yahoo gods will catch up to him. They will eventually delete his account and he will have to start over. Everyone's account does get deleted at some point.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with you Markyyy, and I see Lion's response on this...I agree with him. I know that I tend to look more seriously at those people's answers that I know. Not because I want them to be popular, but because I admire and respect their viewpoints.

    Can we move on. I think the guys have been discredited enough.

    I won't star your question because I'm sick and tired of people using my stars as a determination of whose questions get deleted.

  • Jess H
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I understand what you're saying...but at the same time, doing that is just so ridiculous that it gives people the right to bust on him about it.

    He's lucky that he's not getting reported more for doing it, because he's abusing the forum for the *purpose* of preaching, which is clearly what he's doing here. (At least, I'm not reporting him for it. But I *am* laughing at him about it.)

    When he was willing to come in here and waste the time of all the people who took the time and made the effort to *answer* his deceptive questions, he gave people the right to call him out on it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would email him and discuss it, but I wouldn't want him to have to search the internet for five hours to find a copy/paste to send in reply.

    The guy is a useless, self-righteous pile of horse crap. I'm with Deke on this one, sorry.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Playing the nice guy is usually a good stand Markyyy, and if it was (just about) anyone else- I'd agree with you... but LOJ has it comin'.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We've all been made aware of his actions, and I think it is time to move on. He's not the first one to do this, and he won't be the last. I know at least one other very popular R&S regular who all of you adore that does this specifically for the purpose of earning a TC badge and having a high B.A. percentage and you guys would never call her out and embarrass her like this. Could it be because she is friends with the atheists, unlike LoJ? Let's move on.

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