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Will i see results by doing this in 2 weeks?

Hey guys, im 14 years old and do loads of excerise per week which involves running 4-6km per day, cycling and weights training. I am very fit but i just want to get that little bit fitter over the holidays, the last few days i have been pigging out a lot because its easter , not chocolates though more hot cross buns and that kinda stuff. I usually never pig out though i have a strict diet which i stand by during the week. Im wondering if i do this much training from the 23rd march- 8th april will i see very good results or if not when will i see them. Here is what i will be doing each day.

Morning: 10:30-11:30am

25 min run on tredmill, burning aprox 200 calories.

10 min cycling

5 sets of 10 push ups.

Afternoon: 3-4:30pm

1 hour and 30 mins of tennis, game for the majority of the time.

Night: 7:30-8:45pm

40-60 min running on tredmill, aprox 300-500 calories burned

10 min cycling

Weight training, sit ups, push ups ( 30 min)

Will doing this with breaks in between help me?

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    lol woah buddy u do heaps of excersice

    i wish i was that keen crap better start training for cross country

    umm u should see results woahhh that is a lot of training

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    i think you're going to injure yourself if you keep working out that much everyday. your body wasn't made for that much strain on a daily basis, and sure there are professional athletes who do it, but they have terrible knee, joint and other problems when they're older. take it easy! what can you possibly be getting in shape for in april?

    also, too good of a body will make girls think you're vain and obsessed with how you look, and honestly it seems like you are

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