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Is it possible for me to lose manboobs preety fast by doing this?

Hey guys, im 14 years old. I do heaps of running and am a very good sportsman. However ive got manboobs and its really fraustrating. Im wondering if by doing hard intense workouts for the duration of the holidays which is 2 weeks if this will have an effect on reducing my manboobs. They are not gigantic or anything i just wanna burn them off though. I do weights aswell which should help tone them. Here is my excersise plan for each day. Can someone also tell me by eating too many carbohydrates if that can cause manboobs? Anyway here is my excersise plan per day:

Morning: 10-11

25 min run, 10 min cycling, 3 sets of 10 push ups, 40 sit ups.

Afternoon: 25 min run, 10 min cycling, 100 sit ups, 20 push ups.


1 hour and 30 mins of tennis (game)

Night: 40-60 min run, 10 min cylcing, Weights 5 reps.

All the running will be done on a tredmill without an incline. I am on a healthy diet also so i wont be eating crap. Im going for a low carb diet. Aprox 100 carbs per day. Thanks!

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    100 carbs a day isnt low carb. Low carb diets like the Atkins Diet suggest no more than 20 carbs per day for the first 2 weeks. All those carbs need to come from rich green veggies.

    Source(s): I'm on atkins now.
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    no, sounds like u are growing ti.ts due to hormone imbalance. u should grow out of it

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