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What do Christians mean by the term "dual-seedline"?

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    They believe that eve was seduced by satan, and that she gave birth to twins with different fathers. Satan was father of Cain and and Adam was the father of Abel.

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    Personally I think of the gray area as being an area where it's uncertain whether it is right or wrong. I myself pray about it and study God's word and ask him to reveal what he wants me to do in those types of situations. I also try to lean toward the side of caution. I would rather be sure than unsure. Of course I do think there are a few unnecessary and radical concepts. Such as wearing something over your hair or not cutting your hair if you are a woman...I think that is a bit extreme. If someone is doing this though, I don't think it is wrong but completely unnecessary. EDIT: Gray area among Christians, not gray area with God. God has no gray areas...he obviously knows what is right and what isn't.

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    Goodness me ... I thought I had heard everything..

    Where dose this evil twin stuff come from, which group believe this.. I have been active across many tradition for over 30 years..

    I have had association to a cult call British Israel that believed in two creations, what they call mud people and the gods "white" people.. and I thought they were nuts,

    Golly, this is new to me..

    This is definatly not a Christian belief in any branch of Christianity

    By the way twins to different fathers is impossible as the womb seals shut as soon as sperm enters, so first come first served.

    Some modern claim of such have been silenced by DNA, the woman who had twins one white and one black, both her and the father were of mixed origin, the male DNA was all his. It did look a little fishy at first though.


    Found it !!! I had the book on my shelf all this tine.

    Its forgery from about 500 AD written in Arabic.



    The First Book of Adam and Eve


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    I have studied Christian theology for many years, and I have never heard the term "dual-seedline."

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    Oh just google it, folks.

    What do Christians mean? Or do what do white nationalists who call themselves Christians mean? It seems you're trying to make them synonymous with each other and they're not.

    Go ask on stormfront.

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    Never heard of it.

    The closest I can dredge up is the tares planted among the wheat.

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    I've never heard that term. I'd be interest to know what it means too.

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    Never heard that. And Im Christian

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    I have no freaking idea, and I'm Christian. Sounds like it has something to do with semen.

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    sounds kinky

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