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Do you have to take B/C pills at the EXACT same time everyday?

Sometimes i miss them by a few hours..is that ok? Also..since im on B/C can i use the "pull out" method instead of condoms all the time? I dont use condoms everytime..

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    You do not have to take the pill exactly at the same time everydday but you want to take it within a few hours window. That way BC is always present in your system. If you are taking your BCP CORRECTLY and CONSISTENTLY then you can use the pull out method as a backup form of BC. My husband and I used this method for six years and never had a baby. But keep in mind this is with correct and consistent use of the pill.

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    I'm on it, and I don't use condoms, we pull out. But you don't HAVE TO take it at the same time. It's more effective that way though, but to much of a hassale. As long as you take your pill less than 24 hours of the last one, your safe.

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    A few hours SHOULD be ok, but it's a bit iffy. Try setting an alarm on your cell phone to remind you, I do and it works great. The more on time you are, the better your chances the pill is working as it should.

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