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Low carb diet?

Will a low carb diet which involves 20-35g of carbs a day help with weight loss. Im 14 years old and i do a lot of running for my age 4-6km a day and do weights training. I have found that i have slight manboobs which i hate. I seem to think they are caused by eating too many carbs. I was eating like 300-400 carbs a day easily before i started this new diet plan. Anyway here is what im eating now for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


1 bowl of oats with milk, (25-30 carbs), 1 glass of water, 1 weet bix (10 carbs.)


1 peice fish ( 0 carbs), 1 cooked egg ( 0 carbs), 1 can tuna ( 3 carbs) and 1 glass of water.


i eat either chicken, beef or fish with veggies and water.

Tonight im having a skinless chicken breast with veggies and salad.

Anyways thats my diet , im wanting to know if combined with excersise and weights if my manboobs will reduce and if ill lose that lil extra bit of fat i may have lieing around. Is a low carb diet the way to go? Yes/no/why?

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    low carb is the way to STAY AWAY FROM.


    i went on a low carb diet and i lost weight

    woo hoo.

    but i had no energy, i felt sick, i never felt full - i dont eat a lot of meat or fish so i rely on cabrs to make me feel full or get my energy from.

    anyway i was on a low carb diet for about a week and i lost weight, but as soon as i had a sandwich i put it all back on.

    its not worth it, honestly. quick fix diets never work.

    The best way to lose weight/tone up /get in shape or get fitter is cardio! Getting your heart rate up is the best thing you do for your body. Eating right also plays a large role, so up the fruit and veg and eat one carb based meal a day, with lean meats, fish & chicken. Just cut out all the sugary fatty stuff that you know is bad for you. And then get into the cardio. Running, walking, jogging, stationary bike, stepper, cross trainer – anything that gets your heart rate up will burn calories and tone fat. After cardio is the best time to do lunges, squats and crunches. They are more effective when combined with cardio. PLEASE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT. doing situps and crunches are great but wont work anywhere near as well as when teamed with cardio. you cannot choose where you lose weight - your body will take it where it wants to, store it where it wants to - focusing on one area is silly, it wont work.

    Also – try to eat six or five small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. This makes your body think you are going to feed it regularly and therefore thinks it needs to burn quicker. You have to do this every day though, not every second day, your body needs to get used to it. The worse thing you can do is starve yourself or cut down to two meals or one meal a day. Your body thinks it being starved and therefore stores all your fat and all the calories and carbs and turns that into fat instead of burning it and then you stuff your metabolism up and it'll never be the same. The thing is to still lower your calories by eating fruit and veg and other good stuff but not starving yourself. Hope this has helped!

    It’s all common sense – eating right & burning it off! The best thing about exercise is once you get going and speed your metabolism up it stays fast and burns calories when you aren’t doing anything!

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    Diet soda is great on a low carb diet. Especially with all of the sodas out there today, there are sooo many great diet choices. Also, if you are feeling adventurous pick up some low carb frozen yogurt or ice cream and make a diet root beer float!

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    It is a true fact that the people following a low fat diet loose weight drastically. But the recent clinical studies prove that people reducing carbs steadily, loose weight still rapidly. Look at the negative and positive aspects of the diet before committing to it.

    There are different kinds of diet introduced by the medical experts such as Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, Sugar Busters, and Protein Power diet etc which aim at reducing the consumption of fatty foods. The two main ingredients that increase your weight rapidly are the refined flour and sugar. They increase the glucose levels in the blood, and helps pancreas to produce more excessive insulin. Due to the excessive amount of insulin the carbs are easily converted into fats. When your food comprises of low carbs, the pancreas produces less of insulin. The unnecessary storages of fats are burnt and you swiftly start loosing weight. When you stick to the low carb diet the level of glucose in the body is less and you are less prone to diabetes.

    Due to the increased level of insulin production, hormonal changes take place and you develop blocked pores in your skin. These problems later lead to skin diseases like acne, pimples, whiteheads etc.

    Some people cannot simply desert the carb rich foods because they are strongly accustomed to the taste. Such people must use substitutes like breads with wholesome grains. You can continuously enjoy with your favorite dishes while reducing your weight.

    Apart from abiding to a particular diet pattern, it is also important to plan an exercise routine. As far as possible, keep a track of your weight and gradually increase your exercise duration. Make sure that you are strictly following your diet pattern you have chosen.

    Source(s): Low carb diet is a very good way to lose weight.
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    Not precisely. Intelligent carbs will help.

    If you deprive urself of carbs, you risk a lot of things. Your body will eventually get used to it, but it takes awhile. Meantime, you'll feel really tired and fatigued as ur body adjusts to this sudden shock of needing to burn fat instead of those carbs. Your muscle's will deplete their glcyogen resources (which are refilled by carbs) and you're muscle building might be hampered for a bit until your body adjusts.

    If you want to wait it out through that, go for it. its not bad, and the body really can live without carbs. Just need more protein and fats then.

    If you will eat less carbs, make sure to use them correctly.

    For example, eat carbs A) when you first wake up and B) after a workout. Here's why

    When you first wake up, ur body is in Catabolism. Fancy way of saying ur muscles are surrendering their energy because u didnt eat anything all night. Eating carbs allows ur muscles to put back that energy they gave up (which does not add to fat, its just quick-release energy called glycogen).

    After work outs, ur muscles also had to use up that glycogen to do cool stuff. They're tired. They need to be fed some carbs. Carbs not only restore their glycogen levels, but spikes ur insulin. Sounds bad, but its not. Its a good thing for weight building. Insulin spikes mean that ur muscles are being ordered to take in nutrients and energy which means they'll heal quickly and grow faster.

    By insulin spike, i don't mean you should go eat a bunch of candy. Just carbs. Everything practically has carbs.

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    low carb is dangerous. the human body needs hundreds of grams of healthy carbs in order to operate correctly. You brain and other bodily functions use carbs for energy. Don't believe the hype on low carb.

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    Hitting the gym is important for weight loss

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    Put nuts and cheese to salad

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    Go walking everyday 30 moments the next day

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    you dont have to make a three digit number your weight loss goal aim for a certain dress size or waist measurement

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