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running question?

Hey guys, im 14 and do 4-6km running on a tredmill and sometimes go outside for a 30 min run. But mainly i stick to the tredmill. I usually start off with a jogging pace for the first 3 mins the speed is (5) , then i work up to (5.5), then 10 mins in to the run i go to (6) and run untill about 40-50 mins. Im wondering if increasing the speed to like (8) then to (5) for a while then back to (8), if that will make the workout more intense and help me burn more calories and burn fat easier. Ive tried this before and i didn't pull up sore at all and it felt like i was doing more. Please tell me what you guys think. Will doing this for a week during the holidays help me see results? I do it everyday though, however just wondering if it will help see results by the 8th april , cheers and thanks!

P.S: The machine says i burn about 400-425 calories after the run.

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    What you just described is interval training. If you were to do this on a track, an example would be to run 400m reps with 1 minute recover. On the treadmill this would equate to running at speed 8 for about 80 seconds, then running at 5 (or lower depending on how well you recover) for 1 minute. This training is very good for improving speed endurance and most serious athletes will do a lot of this training to improve their racing over distances such as 800m, 1500m and 3000m. By doing this training you should notice a significant imrovement in your fitness.

    However, its not necessarily better for burning calories or weight loss. If this is the only reason you are running, the best thing for you is running for a long time, at a low intensity. Your body burns fats when you are training at below 60% of your maximum heart rate. If you go above this your body starts respiring anaerobically and needs to burn carbohydrates to get energy quickly. Running at speed 8 on the treadmill is probably going higher than 60%

    Both types of training are good for your body though, in different ways, so my suggestion would be to alternate it, sometimes go for a long time at a low speed, and sometimes do the interval training

    good luck :)

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    Man! You are doing GREAT!!

    Keep it up!! You WILL see results!

    For faster results:

    A) drink crapp-loads of water

    B) add some weight work to your effort, especially legs (they're the biggest muscles & will offer you greater residual calorie burn and help increase your resting metabolism)

    C) eat your biggest meal in the A.M. Taper (reduce) your calorie intake thru the day to a small higher fiber, higher protein snack at night- - - beans, pea soup, smart dogs

    D) begin competing- - -you are already running a 5k. Get out there and race. You will be faster than some slower than others. Don't worry! You will get faster, especially when you hang out with runners.

    E) Don't stop running!!!

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    If you want to be a sprinter it's always good to go as fast as you can for as long as you can, then when you can't go any more slow it down to a jog, then when you are ready start to sprint again. This will build up your sprinting ability and long run endurance.

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    If u keep doing that youll be great

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