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Teen Girls Sending Nude Photos via Text Message....?

There seems to be an epidemic at my daughters High School of Teen girls sending fully nude photos of themselves via text message to usually what is supposed to be their B/F and the photos are being forwarded to practically everyone even to younger kids son is 14 (8th grade)and receives them all the time (at least 2-3 a week)....anyone out there seen this happening at their high school kids school...or you kids is this something that is happening everywhere, even in your school?

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    If your son knows these girls, get their names, and give the info to the school, and their parents. Those cell phones need to be taken away!!!! If I were their parent, I can't put it in to words of what I would do to them for a punishment!

    This day and age, kids have NO SHAME....and NO DIGNITY! UGH...I can imagine your frustration!

    Shame on those kids! Sounds like your son gives you heads up on what he receives on his cell phone, and kudos to him for that. :-)

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    20,000+???????????? Is that overall, as in for all of your phone history, or just in one increment of billing time?? I'm a 15 year old guy, I own a cell phone, yet I'd be lucky to send 10 text messages a month!! I don't know who the heck I'd talk to that much! Plus, my cell phone service is just plain crappy. I hate it. I can't turn the stupid thing on without something going wrong. And, it's on prepaid minutes (parents won't let me have anything else). Therefore, many services that my phone's technology offers, I can't even access! And, I can't "type" on a cell phone fast at all. I find it easier and frankly more fun to communicate over instant messenger, email, or telephone.

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    It hasn't happened in my school except once and it was with this girl in my year. She took a picture of herself in the mirror wearing just underwear and sent the pics to her boyfriend and some of her 'friends'. A girl who she sent it to thought it was disgusting and so she put it onto her computer and then printed out like 100 copies. Then she posted them up around our school and chucked them on the floor everywhere. The teachers found out within like 40 minutes and found all the pictures but loads of people saw them when they were switching lessons. Loads of people found it sick and cruel on the girl in the picture but many found it funny because nothing ever happens like that in my school. I thought it was sick. Anyway so yeah i suppose its not just in America that people are doing this, but i haven't heard from any of my friends at other schools that this is happening and especially not as frequant as 2-3 in a week. I hope everything clears up and i hope you go and complain to your sons principal.

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    Silly girls. In the UK such sending of nude photos by young girls is called "sexting" and it seems to be quite widespread as a habit.

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    I don't have kids old enough, but my cousin was caught in some risque photos on myspace, by her dad! It's sad, because I wish parents would take more responsibility in teaching their children what is and isn't appropriate behavior, and how that one photo can ruin their reputation for a long time to come.

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    yes,Ive had a run in with some boys who actually sent nude pics of themselves,with a show me,i showed you type of message.My husband scarred the crap out of them,went to the police station and everything,it is against the law,the parents should definitely be notified.

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    Actually a nude picture isn't necessarily porn, even of a minor. I have one question, where did these middle schoolers get cell phones with cameras? I'd guess their parents bought them. Why did the parents decide their middle schoolers need a cell phone with a camera? Why does your son have a cell phone that can view pictures? I think they still make cell phones that can only make calls, not view pictures.

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    well, i'm currently in high school in Pittsburgh and that's not happening in my school.

    maybe it's just a junior high thing? talk to your son and whatnot about this issue though.. make sure he knows it's not a nice thing.. lol

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    yeah its not unusual. this happened at my high school everyday and then i transferred high schools and it happened there too. i know parents get really stressed and mad about this, but theres not much that can be done. its just a high school phase.

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