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How can I keep cats from peeing in my herb garden?

I planted lots pf herbs on my herb planter boxes outside my kitchen window a few months ago. I noticed that my thyme was dying, but my other herbs were healthy and thriving. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I saw my neighbor's cat (who comes to visit often) PEEING on my thyme! No wonder it's dead! I pulled it out and bought some dill. The stupid cat peed on the same spot again!

I pulled the dill out. Now I'm pissed (no pun intended)! How do I keep this cat from pissing in my herb garden?

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    "How do I keep this cat from pissing in my herb garden?"

    For a permanent fix, a shotgun?

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    Cats will return to a place that they have already marked. As long as they can smell that they have peed there before they will again. You must remove the smell completely then retrain the cat. I would dig out all of the contaminated soil and replace it. Plant something there that the cat wont like see this website for tricks.

    Lastly talk to the cats owners, see if they can establish a outdoor litter box, if not perhaps you can, if you or they provide a place that is more attractive to pee than your garden and there is no scent reminder, you will have solved the problem and kept peace with the neighbors.

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    There is stuff you can buy in the store but it will just wash away after a watering or two. A cheap fix that also washes away is cayenne pepper. Costco sells big containers of it that aren't expensive. If it's going to wash away anyway, might as well not spend too much.

    It's what I use at my back door. I have indoor cats and a neighborhood cat thinks it's super cool to pee on the back door to taunt them. Since the cayenne went out, haven't seen much of that little bugger.

    I replenish the pepper every couple of days.

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    Get an electric fence and surround your property. Or, move your herb garden to the inside of your kitchen window. Or, find another spot for it where the cat won't pee.

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    You can get a motion detector sprinkler. Every time the cat gets near, it gets a squirt.

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    put something that cats dont like out in the garden and then they wonnt go to it.

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    Your neighbor should be made to control their cat. Leash laws don't only apply to dogs.

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    Try interplanting something smelly like marigolds.

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