Can you help me understand the concept of creationism?

It just doesnt make sense in my mind.

it seems that:

1. creationist start with a conclusion and then search for evidence that is consistent with it - this is a very bad way of finding things out.

2. creationists dont argue FOR their argument, they argue AGAINST others (mostly evolution) - very few theories are complete, i could easily argue against the theory of gravity.

3. people seem to think that religion and science aren't compatible. this is simply not true. only fundamentalism isnt compatible with science.

4. biblical literalism seems more blasphemous than atheism to me. they try to twist the bible's words. the bible, imo is for guidance to the path of goodness through God/Jesus, not a geology/astronomy text book.

can anyone explain exactly what the world view of a creationist is? and how it makes sense considering what i've said.

this isnt an attack on creationism, i genuinely dont understand how it makes sense unless they assert that logic doesnt always apply to God.


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    1 decade ago
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    Watch all these videos and perhaps you will have a better understanding

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    1 decade ago

    whilst I understand you are not attacking creationism, you statement that you could argue against the 'theory' of gravity shows you up as a bit of a flake. Gravity is not a theory, it is a fact and I would love to see the proof of your rebuttal, however.

    Creation, when taught fully does teach the positive - scientific - proof that is out there that creation is viable. It's the theory of evolution that can't prove itself, and is continually looking to disprove Creation. This is done quite simply because accepting Creation means accepting a Creator. Accepting a Creator means that there is a God out there that some day you will have to give account. Evolution says you die and your dead - what a waste.

    So then to answer your points.

    1 you've started with a conclusion, assuming that a creationist starts with a conclusion - i don't, i've found the evidence and build on the evidence.

    2. i always argue for my case, evolution is something that monkeys believe about themselves, albeit it evolved monkeys.

    3. I am fundamentalist, and believe the Bible - literally and the science we see around us, and the fact that science supports the literal Bible. So sorry your assumption/conclusion is simply wrong.

    4. sorry can't understand what you've typed - what was your point?

    Check out the following website for the science behind the Creation worldview.

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    4 years ago

    It depends on how you define creationism. If you are the kind of creationist who accepts the current science on the age of the universe and the geological age of the earth and accept the fact that evolution is but one of the processes that god used to create the earth, then you are more of a realist then the Young Earth Creationists who believe the earth to be only 6000 years old. I have no respect for YECs. They neither understand the science they distrust nor do they seek to understand it better. They are wilfully ignorant. @Paul M Again with the macro-evolution. When are you morons going to understand there is nothing to this micro-macro evolution debate you keep on about except time? Macro evolution is merely centuries of micro evolution. Period. I really wish you would get around to understanding this basic concept.

  • 1 decade ago

    The biblical account of creation is not unscientific. Sceintists have proved that mankind derive from common stock i.e. Adam and Eve.

    When the bible touches on science it is accurate, for example its laws on hygiene, which safeguarded Gods nation when nations aroung were smearing Dung on open wounds, were centuries ahead of scientific research, the bible describes the earth as a circle/sphere when the thinking around at the time of writing was of a flat earth, ect.

    This is one line of evidence of the Bibles authenticity, along with forfilled phrophecy, archeology, internal harmony ect.

    There is much evidence of creation in the world. If someone told you that a functional house evolved then you would not believe them, but the earth with its heating, water, lighting systems is way more complex. Just right distance from sun, spinning at right speed, right mix of gases, oxygen recyling system, water transport system, to name a few design features of the earth that are not coincedences.

    Design is evident. The edge of a blade of grass under a microscope is completely smooth, yet a razor blade, mans best effort is jagged.

    The variety in life gives evidence of a God who wants his creation to enjoy life.

    Gods enemy Satan who rules this world we live in promotes clever theories that take the credit from God and prevent people from developing a relationship with him.

    If there is no God then we are not accountable for our actions and we can live our lives any way we please and ignore Gods laws. No wonder these theories are popular.

    There is a reason why Gods gift the bible has survives through time and become the worlds best seller and never been sucessfully discredited. Because it contains truth.

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  • Marky
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    1 decade ago

    It is very esy to cimply pick holes in evolution, especially when there is misinformation, and it has not yet been fully developed.

    Evolution has for a long time answered most of the points of creationists and will continue to do so, which is why all they can now argue with is 'faith' ie, their argument is lost.

    It is futile to argue with ID supporters as most think that in evolution, we cam from monkeys which is not what has happened at all.

    Truth is, a few hundred years ago, the church imprisoned Galileo for suggesting the earth rotates the sun. It will be the same story in 300 years when people look back and laugh at thier ignorant view of life.

    Creationsists will always fall back on the following:

    We don;t like the idea of evolution

    We don;t like coming from monkeys (even though we didn;t)

    God must have created life becuase I do not undersatnd how it couldn't have

    The Bible tells us so

    Evolution is blind chance - absolute nonsense - survival of the fittest has NOTHING to do with chance

    None of which are rational reasons - just ignorance.

  • 1 decade ago

    Very hard subject. Here's the deal. I STRONGLY believe in Creationism. I have read numerous books and articles that fully Support Creationism and gives proof as to how things are with the Scienftific evidence to back them up.

    The fundamental belief in Creationism is that some Intelligent being (Usually God) set everything in motion and created the heavens, earth, and all the creatures in it. All the laws of nature and physics ect supports this theory.

    I agree that many creationist are bias and prefer to tell Evolutionist and such that they are wrong but the shouldn't just say they are wrong, but back it up with their own evidence.

    If you want to learn more in regards to Creationism with scientific evidence to back it up there are a couple of things to look at. First is the website for Creation Evangelism:

    the second is the book: "The New Answers Book" by Ken Ham ISBN-10# 0-89051-509-3 ISBN-13# 978-0-89051-509-9

    Source(s): "The New Answers Book" by Ken Ham
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    1 decade ago

    To the great Reverand:

    God Spake? Is that like raking with a spaded shove?

    Since when did God have a tongue and lips to speak?

    What if he messed up and yelled "Oh Sh*t!"?

    Who was there to hear this spaking and write it down?

    What language does God speak? Does "he" have an accent?

    If he is a he, does he have male genitalia? What about the urges that men have?

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    1 decade ago

    "the bible, imo is for guidance to the path of goodness through God/Jesus, not a geology/astronomy text book."

    There's your answer...the rest is a matter of reading that guide and trying to come to some understanding outside your comfort zone of what you perceive to be the "real world"....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As far as I can tell it's based on believing a book which is unarguably written by men, instead of the evidence in the real world which is (supposedly) the handiwork of God. For a theist, this would seem to be entirely the wrong way round.

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    1 decade ago

    Creationism is very easy to explain . Some big bozo took his magic wand and hokus-pokused the whole universe . Then he made statues of mud , blew his halitosis on them , and bingo - - - people .

    What's so hard to understand about that ?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I once tried to understand creationism (walk a mile in someones shoe, then criticize it) to better understand the worldview on it's perspective.

    I really found it to be of no difference to other religion's tales of origin.

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