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I have a few piercing in the regular spots, lip, ears, navel, nipples and one i wont mention. But i was considering getting another couple of piercings. Im gonna get a dimple piercing, and im fine about that one, but i also want to get 2 matching ones high up on my chest, just below my collar bones, just through and through barbells. I can think of the usual cons of having that sort of piercing such as clothing and the like, but does anyone have any sort of experience they can share with me, things that i may not have thought of, only having the 'standard' areas pierced. Would there be a problem with the tightness of the skin in that area? Healing issues and the like. I just wanna get some idea before i go and see my body mod artist. Thanks, oh and anti body modification people need not reply.


I pierce my body so much because i love my body, am proud of it, and am doing nothing more than accentuating it. I have given 3 healthy boys out of this body, and am still in great shape, 5'8 tall and 125lbs, kickass curves, and an attitude to match. Nobody will change my mind about what i want to do to my body, so like i said, anti body modification people need not reply, it wasted time on your behalf.

But thank you, i didnt really think about the seatbelt in the car getting in the way. I will definately be getting the cheek/dimple piercing done, but i may have to re-think the other, as i drive quite a lot. I might just go out to the car now and check how much it may interfere. Thanks.

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    Places like that tend to get infected real easily, from normal every day hitting and/or can snag on. Things you don't think of. Example, your seat belt, your purse, someone coming up behind you and squeezing your shoulders.

    I had a friend who had his ribs pierced another place that is abnormal but didn't really think it through and they were always infected and a couple were ripped out.

    The dimple one is really cute but I would stay away from the collar bone.

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    You can get that part pierced with something that looks like a barbell but instead of metal in the middle it's flexible. That would give you more play in case it did get snagged. I saw a girl who had that in her wrist. Dimple piercings are really cool. The only problem is that you need to make sure whoever you go to has done them before. They are tricky since your skin can move independently from the inside of your cheek and they swell mega huge. So the piercer needs to know to use a bar that's way bigger than he would normally put in for minor swelling. You would think they would be similar to a lip but they're not. Godd luck. And go for it!!!

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    I would say try all of them. just realize that the surface piercings you are talking about will have to come out at some point. most people I find only keep them in for 6 months to a year max. sometimes surface piercings will "migrate" and when that starts to happen, take them out. They will be fun, and i think you will find the pain level tolerable and aftercare with surface piercings is generally pretty easy.

    now. I want to give you one note of advice on the "piercing you won't mention" I would recommend doing away with it, depending on how long you've had it. piercings "down there" will almost certainly cause you to lose all sensitivity over time, and that would be AWFUL.

    Good luck!

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    Like thorn said I think Micro-Dermal Anchors are the way to go if you want surface work. You could get them where people get a sternum bar and you'd have less issues with friction but at the same time, most women's boobs are uneven and it could accentuate that. Dimple/cheek piercings are gorgeous, as well as anti-eyebrow piercings (my absolute favourite on girls, so beautiful) but I'd never do it as it's not long term and bound to leave a scar. has a great selection of piercings you can look at and you can talk to people about their experiences. There's one girl on there with Micro-Dermals going down between her breasts like buttons and it looks amazing. Good luck with whatever you decide to do =)

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    You can't get regular barbells put into piercings on your chest. They would reject in a heartbeat. To get chest piercings, you have to get a surface piercing, meaning a surface bar. There are many many cons to surface piercings. The main ones are migration, rejection, and scarring from that rejection. Surface piercings are going to reject the majority of the time. And they are very hard to actually heal. Mine on my nape is a little over 3 months old and is still's not giving me a lot of problems, but it is definitely not healed.

    I suggest you research A LOT about surface piercings before deciding if they are for you.

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    dimples a great btw, ive probly had the least problems with it, but yeh under the collar is painful enough to pinch and there is alot of chance of it growing out quick, i kno many people whove had it and the longest its remained is 4 months , but ive got my rib pierced and its been there for over a year, slightly grown and a bit gross at times but its firmly in there the only problems ive had is sleeping on it at first and other people catching it, i cant think of anything catching there except perhaps necklaces or low necked tops. you could always get microdermals instead if you want them to last longer =]

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    i've got performed them, no longer one in each of my favorites to do through fact no longer everyones anatomy is "built" for piercings down there and that's generally unhappy once you could inform somebody which you would be able to't do it while they have already dropped trou. i've got had consumers tell me they harm, had them no longer even comprehend that I had pierced and placed the hoop in until eventually I suggested "all performed", it relies upon on you. i grow to be in a chum's studio at some point and grow to be observing their piercer (as a want through fact he grow to be thinking firing her), she had a shopper are available in desiring a triangle. gets the girl waiting and while she inserted the needle the girl enable loose the main blood curdling scream I actual have ever heard in my existence, we could went immediately, became white, exceedingly much fainted. The piercer quite of getting into the back of the "guy interior the boat", went during the backside of it....for particular, the girl lost sensation in her "magic button", the piercer grow to be fired, and the studio got here on the factor of being sued. So in spite of you do, verify the guy doing it has performed a lot of all of them with suitable outcomes! :)

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    I really wouldn't go for a piercing there, because like all surface piercings it will grow out quite quickly and just leave you with nasty scars on show. Dont want that :)

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    i think if you put weight on they would obviously stretch, but other than that i think they would look great (:

    they wont even stretch that much if you put weight on anyway because your chest doesnt really change, go for it!

    sounds cool

    have you ever thought about having your upper cheek pierced, under the eye on the cheekbone? that looks good with a bar.


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    How many piercings do you plan on getting? Whatever as long as it suits you ! i have a friend with 22 or something like that ... and she looks gorgeous you wouldn't know there was that many unless you were told.

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