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GUYS...This guy PLAYED ME and I needed to know if I BUSTED his BALLS good enough????

Okay, I was supposed "friends" with this guy for about a year.Once we had sex he disrespected me majorly a few days later. Go figure. Long story short, he took me out to breakfast and "said" he had no money! I told him neither did I (which i lied and had in the car). So we ended up dining and ditching and I was mortified!!

I told him to lose my number and he kept texting me insults, then switched to Mr. Nice guy trying to get me back. I just felt I had to bust his balls. He seemed like the controlling type that hated independent women that can do for themselves. It turned out that he was just a hater that wanted to leech off me. So I sent 2 messages to him stating how things are going great for me cuz I just got accepted into the nursing progam and how I'm independent and he didn't mean s*it to me and never will. Then I told him to get off of my nuts already! Sadly, this bothered him since he wouldn't stop texting. I'm never texting back, but If that was a good comeback?


Oh and this was my first time doing anything sexual outside of a relationship and he knew that. So please no rude comments. Lesson Learned

Update 2:

So I'm guessing no comments on his small penis then?? lol

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    "Oh and this was my first time doing anything sexual outside of a relationship and he knew that. So please no rude comments. Lesson Learned"

    It would be unfortunate if you had not learned your lesson, but I have to say I am impressed at what you have done.

    You insulted him well enough I would say, If he keeps texting he is just a moron(well from what you have posted he is a moron)

    I would just drop it at that like you have stated you are going to do, talking to him anymore would make problems for you.

    He is just a jerk who probably should be stepped on many times.

    All I can really say is you did good, you made a mistake, and recovered very well! Bravo!

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    Whatever you do, don't contact that loser again. You deserve better than that. Let me give you a serious hint. Most guys never really want to be friends with a female. It takes them years before they actually realize that it is never going to happen with them. They just can't take "No." for answer, so they stick around as your so called "Friend" thinking that one day you will give in.

    It has been 15-25 years for some of my male friends, and they are still trying to get some. Unreal as it is, they just do not give up!!! If you make another male friend, NEVER let them find you vunerable, because most will try to get you into bed. Then they want to to either love them forever, or get lost!!! Most actually feel like since they have stuck around as your friend, that you owe them something. I have seen it so very many times!!! I just keep my male friends at an arms distance, and remind them often that they are my friends, not potential lovers. This keeps the cards on the table and in plain sight!!!

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    Go back and pay the restaurant the money for both breakfasts. You shouldn't have screwed the restaurant like that. None of this was their fault. You are in nursing school. Grow up. Why do you care what comeback you use? Grow up, stop all contact with him. Change your number if you have to.

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    Wooo! hell yea good comeback. Sorry about what that jerk did though that really sucks. But you know what I'm glad you learned your lesson and got accepted into nursing program (I'' toast to that) education is more important than guys, so i'm glad you're focused on your education and that's a great thing. Yea unfortunately most guys will only want one thing for girls, once they get that they jet..move on and be ready to succeed. good comeback, don't text back..keep ur head up high and I really do wish you luck ;p

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    You don't have to do anything you don't want to. The balls are very sensitive, but in terms of sex, they're not the star of the show. You can ignore them completely and you won't get any complaints. Consider them to be roughly equivalent to a woman's breasts. She'll enjoy them being stimulated, but breast stimulation alone isn't going to get her to orgasm. And when it comes to juggling, twisting and punching balls... consider them to be roughly equivalent to a woman's breasts.

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    The real question is why are YOU attracted to this kind of deadbeat. The only person with the answer is you and everything else is just a game.

    Good Luck whatever you choose

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    You want to get him good, email me and I will tell you how to get him so twisted he'll want to leave town. It's all legal, non invasive and none of his property will be damaged. Best of all, even though he MIGHT suspect it's YOU, if you do it all properly, he will never be able to prove it, which is the most important bit.

    Revenge is a dish best served Anonymously.

    Source(s): Former DIA field officer.
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    Good girl!!! Your strengrh will keep other jerks off too.

    Oh... and when he calls again, just say 'hold on' or put your cell on silent, so that his credit runs out. He will soon stop bothering you.

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    If you handle your nursing career the same way you handle your personal life, I'd be damned if I EVER end up a patient in whatever hospital you end up working in.

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    well its good that youre not one of those girl who likes to leech and cling on to a jerk. you had a backbone and got out. though i wouldnt push it too hard and be rude and mean becuase if youre rude then he's not really missing on something great he lost. so instead just be the bigger person with respect and he;ll realize what he lost

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