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This Alaskan Malamute breeder, why so much $$?

I love the Alaskan Malamute breed and am looking for potential breeders for the future when I decide to get one. I see this site everywhere: www.hudsonsmalamutes.com

The website is great, does this look like a reputable breeder? And I'm wondering why her prices are so high--malamutes from her can cost between $1000-$5000! Her mals are so huge and are usually around 120 lbs and have really long coats. Any advice?

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    I advise you to avoid this breeder, for a couple of reasons:

    1. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON. The dogs are not typical of the breed. They do not conform to the breed standard, and could never do their jobs.

    The Malamute is supposed to be 85-100 lbs. a 120+ lb sled dog is not efficient. Why are you buying a Mastiff with fur when you wanted a Malamute?

    The long, wooly coat is INCREDIBLY incorrect. It balls up in the ice and snow, opening the coat to the skin. Dogs with that coat froze to death in their native climate, which is why they didn't live to breed.

    Anyone breeding either of these traits on purpose doesn't give a damn about the breed. It's that simple.

    And did you see the tipped ears on the Mal on the homepage? That's genetic. Would you be satisfied with your $1000 puppy if their ears never stood like they're supposed to?

    If that dog lived in its native climate, doing its original job, its ear tips would have frozen off, its coat would have balled up in the snow, and it would be dead -- if the Malamute Native who bred it didn't kill it because it ate too much food to support its 120 lbs. and couldn't pull too long without tiring out.

    2. This breeder discusses OFA certification, but also discusses breeding b*tches between 18-24 months. You can't get proper OFA certification prior to 24 months of age. Prelims are nice, but until the dog is actually certified, they should not be used for breeding.

    Not to mention, there are two other major genetic issues in Mals that are not discussed at all: Chondrodysplasia (CHD) and Coat Funk. This breeder makes mention of neither, and does not appear to have CHD-free certifications on her dogs.


    More info on CHD:


    3. This breeder consistently advertises on all of the PayPalPuppy websites (home of BYBs and Puppy Mills nationwide), as well as in Dog Fancy, etc. (never a good sign).

    I have many friends in Malamutes, both working and show dogs. None of them sells their puppies for more than $800...and these are Champion-upon-champion pedigreed, health-tested litters that pull weight and sleds.

    This person, OTOH, is charging ridiculous prices for dogs that don't have proper genetic testing and aren't even what a Mal should be...because they're "big". That's pretty much it.

    This woman is a crook breeding bad Malamutes. That simple. The fact that she may do weight pulls with some of them does not excuse that.

    Look for a truly responsible breeder, here:


    Don't even get me started on the Siberians. Suffice it to say that you will not find any of her "5 generations of Siberian Huskies" in any responsible show or working pedigree.

    Source(s): Handler/previous owner of Malamutes.
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You cannot compare the original standard of breed with the man made version of what some idiot thinks a dog should be scaled down to and look like. Wakons Giant malamutes are what working malamutes should be, not some toy version. Just as the original German shepherd was a large 130 lbs or more and had a straight back. The pathetic version of these idiots in charge of these kennels clubs are slowly wiping out the health and genetic variability because of their stupid standards they want to impose along with increasing genetic diseases in all breeds. Do not slander others because there dogs do not fit your narrow minded view of some fictitious standard. I would much rather by from a breeder that does not advertise their dogs are reigning champions of some pathetic ideology.

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  • Pamela
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    4 years ago

    No such thing as a breeder for that "breed" simply because that is a MUTT and not a breed at all!!! The only "breeder" you will find that mutt at is a BYB found all over this country these days.. so sad but true. Why not invest that same money you would spend on a poorly bred mutt on a PURE BRED Border Collie or a PURE BRED Alaskan Malamute?

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  • morrow
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    4 years ago

    Hudson Malamutes

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have had Mals for 40 years, and "Wakon Giant Mals" exclusively for the past 15 years. I understand that Hudson's Malamutes claims that her dogs have Wakon Lineage. It has been rumored that the owner of this kennel has spouted slanderous information about the only REAL Giant Malamute line. My advice to you is "check all the "Giant Alaskan Malamute" websites before you purchase. As for me---I have never had anything but excellence, honesty, and fantastic dogs from Wakon Giant Mals.

    Source(s): past and recent posts and conversations with northern breed dog owners and enthusiasts
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    you basically answered your own question

    because they have such good quality ( coat, size, etc )

    But you are right.

    They have pet puppies ( not show pups or breeding pups but pet quality pups ) for sale for $1800 on a spay/neuter contract.

    I personally wouldn't pay that much for a pet quality pup. I would for a show prospect pup though ( only if they were the best examples of the breed ) I bought one of my champions from a breeder in canada for $2000, b/c he had the best coat of a pomeranian puppy i had ever seen. Now he has won many shows.

    If you are looking for just a great pup that you dont need for breeding or showing you should go to a shelter and adopt a pup.

    All the joys of a AKC pup but you get the JOY of knowing that you did the right thing by adopting! hope this helped

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    Okay this breeder seems to be very reputable with how she shows all of her dogs, housing and all that...It seem to me as though she is not breeding for show/breeder quality and only for working Malamutes..They get quite pricey when you buy them to be sled dogs...All her dogs looks great and very well taken care of...I would call her and talk to her for awhile and ask many question on how she treats them, vet care on them, generation pedigrees is always nice to know as well..Ask any question you have that crosses your mind..She has wonderfull lookin Malamutes....

    Added note--not all breeders are trash..I am not saying every breeder is good but I have resuced puppy mill dogs and puppies from a puppy mill And I know what a BYB and a PUPPY MILLY looks like and This breeder doesnt seem to be that way at all..She seems to be breeding for the working dogs that the Malamute was breed for...Quality is what I see in her dogs and not small skinny short haired Malamutes that BYB breed...All of her dogs and PUPPIES seem to be very healthy and looks like what a Malamute should look like...MUCH MUCH more bigger then the huskie...

    There are alot of people that answers these kinds of questions as to all breeder to H**L with them, but see, if you got to the pet store and buy dogs and puppies you are getting a dog/puppy from a puppy mill..And yes i think everyone should look at the ASPCA first, but some people want a registered dog ,so the best place for that is a Reputable Breeder...One that is not afraid to show the living quarters , one to show off the moms and dads and to be in pics them selfs... A good breeder breeds to better the breed and not for profit...Okay hers are quite pricey but that is what you get when you have dogs that look like hers..`

    Like I said call the breeder and talk to her about her breeding stands for..Make sure you have all the info you need so when you ask you can see if hers match what needs to match..Standards and so forth..

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  • Pam
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    1 decade ago

    1 year health guarantee on all pups, with replacement of a pup with congenital malformation or disorders?

    No I don't think that's good. Some Congenital problems don't show up until after 2 yrs of age. Hip Dysplasia for instance

    Adult dogs sold "AS-IS"..... ???

    Dogs are beautiful LOOKING, but I don't think it's a breeder I'd deal with.

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  • 3 years ago

    I've had mid-back to waist length hair most of my life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That breeder looks sketchy. I would pass.

    Couldn't find anything about OFA paperwork, and they have several litters available at one time.

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