Do you think Hebrew is a very difficult language to learn or not?

Do you think modern Hebrew is a very difficult language to learn to read, write, and speak? Why or why not?

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    Well, I am Jewish, but I was raised in Europe and my family never spoke Hebrew with me. We used it for some prayers or in the synagogue.

    But it was like saying words we didn’t really understand their meanings.

    When I went to Israel the first time I spoke English with everybody, sometimes German and also a little Yiddish. But I really found it annoying that I didn’t have a clue about Hebrew and I felt like stupid somehow.

    Finally I took the decision to learn Hebrew.

    I said to myself that I would do the best I can and if it’s very difficult, then it will take me more time, but finally I will succeed.

    Nowadays I speak Hebrew in an acceptable way, far from being perfect, but yes, I go on with it and I don’t feel like an outsider anymore when I go to see my people in Israel.

    I am still taking classes and I hope to improve more and more, so this summer I will be able to give a big surprise to my friends when I will be back in Israel...

    I would say that the language isn’t that difficult, but the problem is that you have to use it outside the classes, as otherwise you don’t get used to normal conversation and daily use of Hebrew…

    But don’t worry, when you really wish to learn something you will be able to do it.

    All the best!

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    1 decade ago

    Hmm.. well, nothing is difficult to learn. If you are willing to learn Hebrew without no doubts and willing to improve every time, then there is a big progress for you. BUT, the question is: Do you have time? If you do, then sure go for it. I don't think Hebrew is not hard to learn. Once you understand how to read letters and will continue going to the higher level such as speaking and grammar you should be fine by then because it's not so difficult. It is all the matter of time and patients.

    Good Luck!

  • 4 years ago

    The only difficulty is to learn the alphabet. After that you'll quickly dicover that hebrew is very simple. A good and serious school, that's all. I've learned it many years ago- easy!

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    it depends on if you are good at learning languages. Although Hebrew is a difficult language to learn, all the words have "root words" so that if you conjugate the roots or try to decipher a new word you can always look for that root to help you understand the word.

    hebrew is written and read from right to left and has a unique alphabet. there are male and female forms for everything, but so do other languages.

    i think if you want to learn it, then its not impossible!

    be-hatzla-cha! (goodluck)

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  • 1 decade ago

    From what I hear in some ways it's easy. Things are much more regular than in English, and there are more word roots that form connection groups. In other ways it's hard, with the different alphabet, and conjugation of verbs, and the accent being on the last instead of early syllables.

    My Israel cousin told me must be a hard language. And English must be easy. After all, look how many people speak Hebrew. And how many speak English.

    Thankfully he told me that joke in English -- so I could understand it.

    Source(s): Stainless - you're thinking of Yiddish. She's asking about Hebrew. They aren't the same language at all. The creation of modern Hebrew by Ben Yehuda is very interesting story to google. Yiddish, a German Hebrew mix, is not spoken much in the world anymore. It was used by Ashkenasi Jews in Europe. Before that Separdic Jews used Ladino, a Spainish Hebrew mix. It's great though that you know so much about Yiddish, I just wanted to add some clarification!
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    1 decade ago

    i have been going to hebrew school since 2nd grade so i know a decent amount, but i think it's a lot harder than other languages like spanish and french. there are different letters and i hate the grammar. i think it's a pretty hard language.

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    I believe it totally depends upon the individual. If you are interested, if you pick up languages well, how much you try to surround yourself with the language, where you are and how often you get to practice. I think it's the same as with other languages. Also, age could be a factor.

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    Practice makes perfect!

  • 1 decade ago

    it's not hard. everything is spelled the way it sounds and there aren't weird rules like in english... lol... I'm completely fluent in both since I was born in Israel... so I've never officialy learned it but my mom did and she said it wasn't that hard

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