Is sea lettuce in the protist or plant kingdom?

I'm very confused.


So are you saying that it's protist?

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    Here is the classification of sea lettuce:

    Domain: Eukaryota

    Kingdom: Protista

    Phylum: Chlorophyta

    Class: Ulvophyceae

    Order: Ulvales

    Family: Ulvaceae

    Genus: Ulva

    Species: U. lactuca

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    That's an interesting question - some protists contain chlorophyll, and some contain flagella or cillia, so they have characteristics of both plants and animals. But they also lack other characteristics found in plants and animals, so they are put into their own kingdom based on characteristics that they lack, rather than characteristics that the actually have - this is not the way taxonomy is usually done. Consequently, taxonomists don't really agree on how to classify protists.

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    Sea Lettuce Phylum

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    sea lettuce is a PROTIST!

    it is an algae, which is considered a subkingdom or sorts in the kingdom Eukarya. they are plant-like as opposed to protozoa which are animal-like protists.

    and just so you know, the species of sea lettuce is Ulva and they are in the division (the equivalent of a phylum) chlorophyta. they are multicellular seaweed, most likely the closest ancestor to modern terrestrial plants.

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    Algae. Plant- like.

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    We're studying it in my biology class.

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