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fammily dog?

i need a idear for a familly sister wants a small dog but i want a high land terrior but my dad wants a dog can run with.

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    Cavalier King Charles spaniels are great little family dogs. They are very happy, loving dogs. They probably wouldn't go as far as your dad would run though. If you like terriers, the west highland white terrier may be a good choice. They can be a little barky (as they are terriers), but they could probably keep up with your dad on a run, and they aren't very big dogs either. Another dog you may want to look into is a wheaton terrier. They are a little bit larger and would probably be even more suitable as a running partner than a westie. A larger dog that would do great with a daily run would be a golden retriever, but I'm not sure your family wants a larger dog like that.

    For more information on these breeds and others, you can go to They have a breed quiz and lots of honest information on dog breeds. You may also want to check out a local shelter to see if there are any dogs their that are what you are looking for.

    Good luck!

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    chose a bichon frise good family dog kindof small though

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