My girlfriend and I had "sex"...but what went wrong?

We were getting intimate, and ended up having "sex".

I'm putting quotes around it because this is the most embarrassing thing that has happened :/

She said I missed, how did I miss?

I mean, it didn't feel all amazing, so I'm assuming I did miss...but how is this possible?

I'm so embarrassed, how do I fix things?

how can I do it right next time?

Think she'll always make fun of me?


Please don't hate or anything, just give me a decent answer.



I'm sure I know of some of the problems, see we attempted having sex before, but she was too tight and it didn't fit, this time her pants were only down to her ankles so there wasn't much room to spread, either way..

maybe it was just too tight again, and went down..not into the hole?

Maybe we should just wait for a while longer, until we are more comfortable talking to work things like this out?

Update 2:

She's not big, 5'7" 119 pounds, she's quite smaller than me...

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    If it was the first time, you probably never actually got it in, but instead you were simply stimulated to orgasm by rubbing on the outside of her vagina. Next time get your hands involved and feel free to talk during the deed.

    And, don't worry... you're not the first guy who's done that.

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    I initially did not know what you meant when you kept saying that you missed. Then It hit me and the light bulb went on.By missing, I assume that you mean that you missed penetrating her during intercourse.You can avoid a similar fate in the future if you calm down,be patient no matter how aroused you are untilyou have the proper alignment, the proper position to effect penile penetration.You have to look at her vaginal area to enable youeffect the positio and as such achieve victory with out missing.Make it a romantic adventure for just the two of you locked up in your room. Done properly, sexual intimacy is a fine pleasurable manner of sharing a physical and emotional bond. So do not be embarrassed,put her on cloud nine by getting it right this time.

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    Wow, I laughed reading this, sorry...

    Anyway, maybe you did not put it in the "hole" all the way or something, or maybe her hymen didn't break completely and it didn't feel right or like it was supposed to. I'm guessing this is her first time having sex?

    I think it would be really immature of her to make fun of you, but I think I would slow things down from now on involving sex.

    And 5'7 and 119? That is disgusting. I am almost 5'7 and damn near 140 and I have a pretty athletic body...try fingering or below the waste activities before you stick it in next time, heh.

    And to be completely honest, she is quite dense if she is expecting magic her first time having sex. Generally, it will hurt the first few times for the girl until it actually starts to feel good.

    Good luck! ;-)

    Source(s): 17 y/o senior girl ^_^
  • Peewee
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    First off she really shouldn't be making fun of you. The whole thing could have been fixed if she had just said something while you were intimate. It is really normal for things not to go exactly right the first time you have sex, there isn't any reason for you to be embarrassed. Next time I would try to be a little but more open with each other about exactly what is happening and when. Personally she doesn't sound to me like she is ready to be having sex, to make fun of you is a really immature reaction. Perhaps for next time, wait for someone else.

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    As far as I know, either you weren't actually inside of her vagina. You may have been having "sex with the curve of her inner thigh or the lips of her vagina. That, or you penetrated the anus, but she most likely would have made the "sex" stop if that happened unexpectedly or she is REALLY cool with that.

    You fix it by using your hand to guide your penis into her vagina next time. Then do what you did this time, next time. Or ask her to guide it in for you. If she's chill, it shouldn't be an issue.

    She may make fun of you for a while, but once you do it "right" she won't have anything to laugh about. But still expect the odd jab here and there, but remember it isn't always to hurt your feelings.

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    ok then- is she a big person? if she is then that would explain why u missed, her legs are close together. but if she isnt a big person, i'm assuming that u "***" too quick and thats what she meant.

    if she ur girlfriend then u'll get another chance. first times is hardly ever prefect. cause its always arkward.

    second time is a lot more easier to handle, cause u know what to expect.

    she'll probably laugh a few months down when ur better at it. (and u too). good luck next time

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm not too sure what she means about missing, but my advice to you would be just to talk to her about it. If she makes you feel bad about stuff like this, then maybe she isn't worth your time. In a good relationship you should be able to talk to each other about things, what you like, what you don't like. Just ask her to tell you what she wants, and maybe you can work things out for yourself. Hope it turns out well for you =]

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    omg, this made me laugh. Honestly dude, you probably didn't put it in the right hole, maybe went under her instead. You might be too small to feel inside her, I don't know.

    But if you're not sure where the penis should go, you shouldn't be having sex.

    If you want to fix this, learn some basic female anatomy.

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    Don't be so hard on yourself.

    It happens, just try and relax a little

    the next time and you'll have success.

    She shouldn't be making fun of you at all.

    You two love each other right?

    Be patient with each other and you'll be fine.

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    1 decade ago

    your first time isn't going to be perfect, especially if you are both new to it. next time you two attempt to have sex, ask her if you are doing it right.. it's not all up to you she has to help too. just experiment with it until you guys find something that works for both of you.

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