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the true nature of our universe, why should we exist at all?

Why do we exist? Not only us as humans (that makes sense to me on an evolutionary scale) --- but why does the universe itself exist? What is the advantage of existing VS not existing?

Wouldn't nothingness be more logical than something?


Why would there be energy in the first place?

Assuming our knowledge of the universe up to the big bang is correct.... why did the big bang happen where it did? (not that that means anything, seeing, as there was nothing else)

Before the big bang, was there a vacuum of nothingness, or another type of nothingness more thorough than that?

Update 2:

"Yep trick question. Asking why presupposes a reason, and if there was nothing (not even time!) there could have been no reason."

Does that make what we have or who we are unique? Or do you think the big bang is one of an infinite series of big bangs, ours being unique?

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    As long as there is energy, nothingness cannot happen. There will always be somethingness.

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    [I cannot say it better than the author I learned it from, so I won't try.]

    Existence is a self-sufficient primary. [This is why it "must" exist.] It is not a product of a supernatural dimension [a creator], or of anything else. There is nothing antecedent to existence [nothingness], nothing apart from it—and no alternative to it. Existence exists—and only existence exists. Its existence and its nature are irreducible and unalterable. Leonard Peikoff "The Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy,"

    Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, 148

    A vulgar variant of concept stealing, prevalent among avowed mystics and irrationalists, is a fallacy I call the Reification of the Zero. It consists of regarding "nothing" as a thing, as a special, different kind of existent. (For example, see Existentialism.) This fallacy breeds such symptoms as the notion that presence and absence, or being and non-being, are metaphysical forces of equal power, and that being is the absence of non-being. E.g., "Nothingness is prior to being." (Sartre)—"Human finitude is the presence of the not in the being of man." (William Barrett)—"Nothing is more real than nothing." (Samuel Beckett)—"Das Nichts nichtet" or "Nothing noughts." (Heidegger). "Consciousness, then, is not a stuff, but a negation. The subject is not a thing, but a non-thing. The subject carves its own world out of Being by means of negative determinations. Sartre describes consciousness as a 'noughting nought' (néant néantisant). It is a form of being other than its own: a mode 'which has yet to be what it is, that is to say, which is what it is, that is to say, which is what it is not and which is not what it is.'" (Hector Hawton, The Feast of Unreason, London: Watts & Co., 1952, p. 162.)

    (The motive? "Genuine utterances about the nothing must always remain unusual. It cannot be made common. It dissolves when it is placed in the cheap acid of mere logical acumen." Heidegger.) Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, 80

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    Yep trick question. Asking why presupposes a reason, and if there was nothing (not even time!) there could have been no reason.

    As you say, it is the true nature of our universe. That's the answer. The nature of the universe is the nature of all being.

    The Big Bang, by the way, is only a theory, and it has legitimate critics.

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    this is a trick question.

    basically, once you say, "origin" it lets you ask, who is the creator? and this, my friend will put you into a never ending question of who the creator is. cuz definitley, you'll ask the same thing to whoever created who. so it's endless. cuz our reasoning works that, nothing can come out from nothing. CAUSE=EFFECT. this is how our brain works. now, if you try to question things like who's the creator of who, you will never ever figure that out. cuz, yer asking yer brain to reason out something it's OS cant process. like trying to open a PSD file w/o having photoshop installed. meaning, this question is out of our capacity to answer. closest answer to this is that, something came from something. like two entity collided and gave birth to life. and that first life, created something. and that something created something.. and so on, til it reaches to us, here in earth.

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    this is a good question! but why think about it or worry we exist to make your life better and interesting. You can look at it this way we live to make your life more enjoyable, is it fun? do you enjoy your life? would you feel bad if you where the only one alive? so why do "we" exist?

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    who says there's an advantage?

    we don't know why and there likely is no why. The only way there could be a why is if some intelligence were behind it, which there is not

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    There is a parallel dimension where the universe never came into existence.

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    A Creator makes more sense.

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    We exist because we think we do. Cogito ergo sum, but there is no way of knowing. We are in limbo.

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    well, no one on earth knows...some think they do...but they dont.

    i also thing nothingness would b more logical....but i dont loze sleep over thoughts like this. hopfully ill find out when i die....but thats unlikly i think.

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