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new religion? wicca?

hi there, i just wanted to ask if someone can voluntarily help me the basis of wicca. i am quite interested in this religion and eager to be taught.

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    To "your in gods hands with jesus": You have a right to believe what you do, as does everyone else. Please stick to answering questions about your own religion since you know nothing factual about mine or about my brother and sister Wiccans.

    To the asker: This is one of the best websites out there providing factual information and answers to your questions about Wicca: Some independent study will always be required on this path, so I'd suggest you read up on the history and the basic beliefs before looking for a teacher. Others have recommended some good beginner books as well.

    Others have suggested "The Witches Voice" at Another excellent resource site that also has a wonderful networking section. I would advise that you see what's local to you for shops, events, groups etc., and seek out classes through such if you wish to explore Wicca further (if you are 18 or over, that is - if you are a minor, there are a few teachers who would take you on but only with your parents' permission for legal reasons.)

    Be careful of seeking teachers online as you cannot be sure who you are ending up with, or if they are even qualified to teach. Also - no *one* book/author, and no *one* teacher is the be-all and end-all of Wicca. Learn from as many sources as you can. This is a path of continuous learning and growth, nobody has *all* the answers.

    Blessings on your journey.

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    Wicca isn't exactly new, it's been around for a long time. There are a lot of great resources out there for a beginner if you want to learn more. Just go to your local bookstore or even check out for some good info.

    Good luck and blessed be,

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    Pick up the books: Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham and Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland ( used books is our friend).

    hit the website:

    next: ignore the bible thumpers here

    # # #

    Avoid anything by Silver Ravenwold and DJ Conway until you're experienced enough to know where their research is shoddy, the advice is totally off and when what they're writing is totally bogus.

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    Generally speaking, asking anyone out there to help you learn anything is dangerous.

    How would you ever be sure they know what they're doing?

    There are many variations of wicca. I recommend hitting your local library and loading up on books.

    Scott Cunningham's books were always my favorite. I adore his "Magickal Household" book. I used it as a basis for my home altar even after my return to Catholicism.

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    Every one has summed it up, seemingly, as far as the positive non-Christian input. Send me an email, I'll be more than happy to start 'webweaving' with you. Become a contact of sorts and help each other out with our studies.

    Cause with Wicca, it's a lot of reading at first. xD But I'll clear up any confusion if you like! :)

    Source(s): Many books, the internet, and other people, as well at the Lord the Lady, and my pantheon of choice. :) Lifes sources.
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    It is not really a religion but this might help on Paganism in general

    Q: Are you a good Witch or a bad Witch?

    A: When you ask if someone is a "good" Witch or a "bad" Witch, it is the same as asking someone if they are a "good" Presbyterian or a "bad" Presbyterian. Wiccans adhere to the Rede, "An it harm none, do as ye will." Witches, Druids and other pagan belief systems and religions have their own ethical standards. There are good and bad people in every society and in every religion. When a person breaks the laws of society or the tenets of their religion, they are called to account for their actions. To judge a person as either "good" or "bad" based upon nothing more than their religious preference alone has a label, too. It is called bigotry.

    Q: Do you worship Satan?

    A: Satan is a part of the Christian and Muslim religions. Since pagans are neither Christian nor Muslim, Satan is not part of our deity structure at all.

    We believe that each and every human being is completely responsible for his or her own actions. To us, evil is a choice, albeit a bad one, that a human might make, not an embodied entity to blame our actions upon.

    If an individual chooses to do evil, most pagans believe they will be punished via the laws of karma or as a result of "cause and effect.". In other words, "What goes around usually comes around."

    Many Witches and Wiccans believe in some form of reincarnation, that the results or karma of past deeds can follow a person from one life to the next. This may also help to explain why terrible things sometimes happen to wonderful people or why some people seem to have been born with certain skills and knowledge. It may also explain why some people seem to lead a 'charmed" life.

    Some pagans believe in an after-life spent in another plain of existence. Known as Summerland, Avalon, Valhalla or simply the "Other Side', they believe that they will be reunited here once again with friends and family.

    Q: So why do you use that "Satanic" symbol?

    A: The pentagram, or five pointed star, is not Satanic. Pythagoras used it as a symbol of health and his followers wore them in order to recognize one another. In Medieval times, some Christian knights used the pentagram as their symbol. To modern Wiccans the pentagram means many things; The five points correspond to the elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water with the top point corresponding to "Spirit". The pentagram in a circle may also represent a human with their legs and arms outstretched, surrounded by universal wisdom or the "Goddess" - humankind at one with the environment. Many Witches and other pagan practitioners do not wear the pentacle at all, but have other symbols of special meaning to them.

    Satanists turn the symbol upside-down, which puts the elements of Fire and Earth at the top (Fire symbolizes willpower and passion and Earth, prosperity and earthly goods) and Spirit, spirituality, at the bottom. Satanists also turn the cross upside-down. This, in itself, does not make the cross or pentagram a Satanic symbol. In some Wiccan traditions, the reversed pentagram is a symbol of "second degree" status - one who has been elevated from "initiate". To members of these traditions, the reversed pentagram is considered highly positive and has no connection to Satanism. A symbol is simply an image or mark in itself. It is the mind and the beliefs of the beholder which attribute to it a particular meaning.

    Q: Do you do blood sacrifice?

    A: Goddess NO! The nature of sacrifice is to give up something of one's own in order to gain something more important. Wiccans believe in the sanctity of all life. Most pagans believe that animals are part of the same natural cycle of life as humans are. Witches have long been associated with animal companions known as "familiars." Check out the TWV "Cats of Witchcraft" page. Do these animals look abused to you?

    Q: Do Witches and Wiccans cast spells?

    A: Yes. Well, some do anyway. However, the term "spell" is widely misunderstood.

    Spells, are somewhat like prayers and are used to create needed change in one's own life or the life of a loved one. But while prayers are a petition to an external Deity to create the change, most Witches and Wiccans believe that Deity is present in everything, including ourselves. Spells, then, are the channeling of our own divine selves, our own energies, to create the change.

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    do a few searches online and dont jump to negative or positive conclusions too quick. be fully informed before making any decisions.

    I never actually found a witch to speak to, but id say that you are fortunate of you do, else the info on the Internet should suffice

    good luck & Peace :)

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    The book called, "the Idiots guide to wicca," might help. also books from this website below will help.

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    It has been around since the 60's. Possibly it was around before that in various forms, though that is not widely accepted in the Pagan community. It is not Satanic. It is a religion. Check out for details.

    good luck to you on your spiritual journey.

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    I no longer practice Wicca but there are some really good books if you are interested. Patricia Lesco, SilverRavenwolf and Scott Cunningham are all good.

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