my dryer is not drying my clothes and is not getting hot?

It's a Kenmore dryer and even though it spins around there is no heat to dry my clothes. What could it be and where do I go to check my problem?

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    A electric component may have gone bad inside the dryer. Call a repair man. The part is probably $15, plus the labor cost.

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    Dryer Not Getting Hot

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    The first thing to check to solve your problem is the dryer vent. Lint and debri will build up in the line or the screen on the outside of the house. Check outside and make sure the screen where the air from the dryer exhausts.

    If the dryer is electric and the vent is clean, the heating coil may be burned out. If you are mechanically inclined you can replace the eliment yourself, or call a technician.

    If you have a gas dryer, check the pilot light for the flame. Older models have a permanent pilot flame. This is usual accessed through a small panel on front of the dryer. If it has an electric spark device to ignite the flame, watch the device as you turn the dryer on. it is is working you will hear a poping sound and a small blue spark.

    If you have a gas dryer any small amount of lint, cob webbing or any other debri may cause the burner to malfunction. Take your vacuum and hook it up to blow air over the unit until it is clean.

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    if it's electric, it would seem like the heating element has gone bad.

    try this, most dryers have two heating elements, one high heat, one low heat. most of us only use high, so assuming that it may be the high heat element, PUT THE DRYER IN LOW HEAT MODE and see if it produces any heat, if it does then it would indicate that the high heat element is bad. if your handy you might be able to change that part yourself. just disconnect the dryer (if it's electric not gas)

    pull it out and take the back off. it's a long oval shaped galvanized looking metal. i believe it only has a FEW wires going to it. just disconnect those wires and then the screws that hold it in place. take it with you to a appliance parts store

    check you yellow pages for one.

    i own Kenmore and have replaced several of those units myself. though it has been many years ago that i did so, i would think they are still very much the same as they used to be. have Kenmore washer and dryer even today.

    have never owned anything but Kenmore washer dryers.

    if it's over 10 years old you might do better to just buy a new one RATHER THAN CALL A REPAIRMAN if you can't do it yourself.

    good luck to ya old man river, i just keep rolling along

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    I'm assuming this is electric.

    Most Kenmore's are the same as a whirlpool. First check to see that both legs of the power are hot (220v) A dryer (as well as a range) will run on 110v, If you only have 110 power, check to see if a house fuse, or breaker is triped.

    It has one heating element. If you can take the back off (unplugged machine!!!) its a metal cartridge to the right towards the bottom.

    unplug the heating element and check for resistance. There should be a fair amount Cant ember the value but less than infinity. If it reads good you will see a disk with a screw in each side, mounted near the element (high limit) test it also the same as the. There should also be 1 more of these thermo disks for each heat setting (not counting the air fluff) test them as well.

    connected to the I limit with a Short wire there is a therm fuse, check it also, same as you did with the heater, if its blown, thin your high limit is also blown (stuck on) this is a safety that will blow to keep your coil from getting to hot, and starting a fire if the high limit doesn't turn off.

    use this advice with caution. don't get electrocuted!

    almost forgot, if the dryer works on one heat setting, and not another, its almost always a thermo disk, could be the selector switch too, but that's rare.

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    my dryer is not drying my clothes and is not getting hot?

    It's a Kenmore dryer and even though it spins around there is no heat to dry my clothes. What could it be and where do I go to check my problem?

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    First you should check the dryer vent, that silver hose that goes in and out of the dryer it may be clogged up. If you have a leaf blower or something powerful that can blow the air out it can be cleaned by yourself. If the hose is old you may want to replace it. Also separating heavy clothes from light ones help with drying times. Good luck

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    if its a gas, check to see its getting gas..if it is then it may be the ignitor. if its electric then it may be the heat element not working ...

    unless you know how to work with gas and electric.. you should call a technician.

    if your confident in doing your own maintence you still need to find the right parts if need.. and that can be a pain in the .... good luck

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    Is it gas or electric?

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