What is this movie's name???? Yoga guy??

There is a movie that came out in the late 90's early 2000's, and I have no idea what the name is, or who the stars/costars are. I only remember that there is a woman who has sublet an apt, only to find out that it was also subletted to another person. The woman has a young daughter, and the other person is a man who is quite odd what with him being a struggling actor who likes to meditate in the nude. It is a romantic comedy. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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    oh damn.. I remember that .. hold on a sec and I'll find it.. if someone else doesn't get it first.

    Okay it was the Remake of The Goodbye Girl with Jeff Daniels and Patricia Heaton..


    she had been dating a famous actor.. who broke up with her.. it was his apartment, but he was overseas filming.. so she didn't leave.. then she finds out that her ex rented it out to Jeff Daniels character.

    This is the IMDB for the original film (1977):


    Oh, and about The Night We Never Met.. that is about a time share.. they each have the apartment at different times.. the female does not have a child.. (one of the reasons she was made at her husband) .. and none of the guys did yoga.. let alone nude yoga.. there was a Chef and the owner who was in business.. I think he was a lawyer.. but not positive.. that isn't the same movie.

    Source(s): I remembered watching it.. and just looked under Jeff Daniels
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    I was thinking of 'the night we never met' with Matthew Broderick


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