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In appearance is the SIBERIAN HUSKY or ALASKAN MALAMUTE closer to a WOLF?

Which one in apperance is most like a wolf?

In ur opinion

and in beahviour which one is most like a wolf?

When you compare the 2 'dogs' to each other which one's attributes are closer to a wolf?

What do you think??

and which would be better to have:



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    It just depends on their markings since they all vary dog to dog. A Malamute is going to have a much more dominant disposition and is larger than a Sibe. Malamutes like Sibes are not the breed for everyone. It sounds like you are going solely based on looks and in that case neither are a good breed for you until you do your homework on both breeds and more than just reading about them. A Sibe has a mind of their own and isn't always going to listen to you neither will a Mal for that matter. Since I run my Sibe team with a friend that runs a Mal team I train with them often and Mals will push you on a daily basis and if you are not confident enough to assert your position the Mal is not a breed for you. Neither breeds behave like wolves or hybrids. Before getting either of these breeds I really hope you do a lot of research on these breeds.

    Source(s): Owner, exhibitor, musher and rescuer of Siberian Huskies.
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    As far as in appearance I would have to say it's all in the eye of the beholder. Facially, it's a toss up. Sibe's and Mals look so much alike, and both can easily get mistaken for a wolf by people who don't know much about the breeds.

    In behavior neither one is like a wolf. Wolves are wild animals, Huskies and Mals were bred for a specific purpose. They are a working breed. In contrast between Sibe's and Mals I don't think either are closer in attributes to a wolf. Generally speaking Sibe's and Mals are a lot alike. Mal's however, tend to be larger and longer haired.

    I have a Siberian Husky so naturally my opinion is completely biased and favor the Sibe. They are a lot alike though, aside from some physical differences. Their behaviors are extremely similar.

    I would strongly suggest that before getting either of these breeds that you do a lot of research. They aren't typical breeds and can be a lot for a new owner.

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    only people who don't know that the dog is a siberian husky or alaskan malamute will assume the dog is a wolf but more people will know the difference.

    to many people they appear wolf like but many people know what a siberian husky is and many people are familar with the alaskan malamute too.

    their behavior is not like a wolf. you really should read books about the breed.

    to me a siberian husky would be better to have because I have two and I have always loved the siberian husky and will always have two at a time forever.

    I really suggest that you buy a siberian husky book and a alaskan malamute book and you should read them both and then when you are done reading you will decide which dog is meant for you.



    read the books and then you will know everything~!

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    appearance wise, size, attitude, it would go to the Siberian Husky. Malamutes are close but are more domesticated and accustomed mostly to cold weather because of the VERY thick coat. Huskies are capable of shedding their coats a little easier and quicker which helps keep them not as hot as they could be but still pretty warm. If lined up side by side, malamutes and huskies, you could say the husky is more like the wolf... or at least a specific type of wolf seeing as how there are MANY different types of wolves.

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    siberian husky

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