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The 12 signs are having dinner?

Where would each zodiac sign be at the table, and what would they be doing? (lol I know this is kinda silly but I'm bored). I'll start off...

Cancer is setting the table with food, and is sitting somewhere in the middle...( ;


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    Capricorn would become pissed really quickly when he realizes that this is not a dinner meeting to secure a new deal and his short 17-hour workday has been disrupted by nonsense. He would leave quickly to go call his wife to tell her that he'd be working late (not realizing that she left him two years ago but he didn't notice because he was working) but instead goes to find a hooker because he deserves the break after a (ruined) day of hard work.

    Aquarius would be soliciting donations to help fund his latest non-profit organization dealing with autism. He would provide stats on the prevalence of autism in today's society and why not helping will mean that the future may be damned. But, then he would laugh at the absurdity because apparently "the future is now."

    Pisces would be telling anyone who will listen that they haven't yet had a bi-sexual experience but that they are open to the idea (because they are so evolved). It turns out that no one is listening so Pisces is happy to just daydream about the erotic encounter (while trying to smoke a joint made of smoked turkey and seaweed).

    Aries would be bouncing off the walls competing with Leo for every ounce of attention available (and not available) in the room and would simulateously be telling everyone how they rode a bike from New York to Los Angeles in one day.

    Taurus would be aruging with virgo about the supposed "fine wine" and insisting that the finest Pinot Noir grapes come from the _____ region and that his position is supported because he once commissioned Zogby to do a poll of 6,000,000,000 people who all, ironically, answered in a way that affirms his stance (not that their opinions mattered anyway but the poll was done in the event that such an argument would ensue). Aries would take issue with Taurus' assertion because she commissioned a Zogby poll, too, and his/hers was done yesterday and the results concluded something entirely different (and, apparently, BETTER).

    Gemini would be nonchalant about the whole gathering and would be itching to get out of there and go gambling or something. He would incur a moment of wrath from Aries for telling a funny joke (that no one but Aries heard) that seemingly stole Aries' thunder.

    Cancer would be holding back tears because Aries pushed her out of the way and took the chair at the head of the table even though Cancer insisted that it was his/her seat (in his/her house). Cancer would simultaneously be trying to summon the courage to spit in Aries food before heading up to his/her room to get away from the crowd and watch a little television in private. Cancer will throw a party but s/he won't stay to enjoy it. The world is in peril, don't ya know?

    Leo would be at the TRUE head of the table on the opposite end and laughing at Aries for daring to think that s/he could steal attention from her/him. Leo would be graciously serving everyone knowing that by serving he is simply letting the "commoners" in her/his "kingdom" know that he is capable of being (and, during holidays and special events, willing to be) "one of them." He would then (silently) provoke Aries to pour drinks (even though Aries thinks it was her/his own idea because everyone should know how "truly humble" s/he in fact is." When Aries starts talking loudly, Leo would simply whisper forcing everyone to end up paying greater attention to what s/he was saying. Foiled again, Aries!

    Virgo would be looking at everyone's outfits and determining whether or not they were made of fine fabrics all the while trying to figure out how to accidentally spill "fine wine" on Taurus' crisp white shirt. Virgo wouldn't end up doing it, though, because the shirt is just pressed so damn well! "No criticism here," thinks Virgo, "THIS time (muaaaaaaah)!"

    Libra would be looking in a mirror asking who was the prettiest in the land and feeling a little concerned that it might be the Cancer. That wouldn't phase the Libra so much, though, because s/he would know that her/his personality outshines that of the Cancer and would thus conclude that s/he is the best "package" in the land. For that reason, s/he would determine that s/he is still the best bet for anyone seeking a good relationship and not a mediocre one. S/he would then compliment Cancer to maintain internal balance for her/his vanity (but not really mean it).

    Scorpio would be silent as a mouse, watchful of everyone in the room while googling people on his/her iPhone to see what dirt they can dig up (because each person in the room will betray the Scorpio someday and s/he will have the necessary ammo to ultimately destoy their lives). Also, Scorpio is trying to remember the "how-to's" of astral projection and making a mental note about whose dreams s/he will astral project into that night in order to read their thoughts up-close and haunt them if necessary. Top of the list for a good occultic haunting will be Aries (she took the choice cut of beef that Scorpio had been eyeing from the back of the line and Scorpio is sure this was an intentional act). All this while masturbating.

    Saggitarius will be laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and giggling (they change it up sometimes) and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing... Ironically, no one will have told a truly hilarious joke that warrants such a response all evening. Eventually Aries would laugh louder.

    Source(s): Wicked sense of humor!
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    Aries is picking out the best gourmet foods to pick up

    Taurus is setting the mood with candles and soft music

    Gemini is bringing the games to play afterwards

    Cancer is baking homemade bread

    Leo is getting everyone together for the feast

    Virgo is working hard out in the garden picking fresh herbs for the recipes they are making

    Libra is dressing the turkey or themselves

    Scorpio is looking up their natal charts to figure out all the guests motives and secrets

    Sagittarius is decorating the table with the finest cloth

    Capricorn is picking out their finest china for the table

    Aquarius is making sure the pets get some food too

    Pisces is bringing the best wine

    There is a dinner party..

    What a great idea for my next!!

    Great question

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    aries is looking for a fight the whole time

    taurus is stuffing themselves with food and refusing to share

    gemini is throwing food across the table

    cancer is trying to get everyone to act like a family while they are cooking the food

    leo is demanding attention the whole time and is being very dramatic

    virgo is thinking that these people are below him/her

    libra is greeting everyone and handing out Cubans

    scorpio is in the dark corner waiting to attack

    sagittarius is commenting on everything and is talking about their travels

    capricorn is quietly sitting in the corner checking on their stocks

    aquarius is talking about some book or how they teleported over to the dinner

    pisces is sitting with everyone but has a sad look on their face

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ok i'll be scooping out for hotties lol,

    and trying to enjo everyones company..

    plus ill be eating like crazy lol <lion

    i know aries will be yapping their face off

    this that..blah blah on and on they will talk

    cancer will be sitting all quiet and shy

    and thats when i lean over and say hello..

    i will see a virgo across from me and i will

    try to make convo wink wink... ha

    gemini will be arguing with sagitarius who

    are friends but they just have a lot to say about

    a few topics..

    taurus will be preparing his speech since hes so

    good at speaking in public..

    capricorn will be havin a grand ol time since these

    people are so down to earth..

    then the food comesssss lol

    everyone shuts up and start eating

    then i start a food fight and hit aries

    in the face first lmao ahaha

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    I like space cwy's answer :-)

    Hmm, let's see. Yes, leo would be at the head of the table. Libra is the host/hostess of the zodiac, so it would be their party/dinner. Libra would sit by leo. Pisces would sit by it's imaginary friend(s). I think capricorn would be talking about if Obama or McCain has a better shot at being president. Very possibly, virgo would be the one thinking "god these people don't know how to clean" and would be moving in their chair alot. They would sit towards the back. Cancer and taurus are busy eating and not talking much. They are siting side by side, each of them likes each other but won't say anything :P

    Sagittarius is telling a story about how it traveled to Mongolia and prayed with monks. Gemini is in the middle, eating, talking on the phone, writing, and laughing at the same time. I would say scorpio is seated middle-back by virgo. Scorpio would be talking about the new Saw movie and how awesome it's gonna be. Aries is talking about how her/his team won in a basketball game against some people the other day. Aquarius is trying to make weird shapes out of the napkin and is seated middle-front.

    lol i dunno just some thoughts :)

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  • cool question.

    Libra woman, will be paying attention to the details of the table,admiring the china,the lighting and make suggestion where they think some improvement can be made.

    while Libra man be complementing the host.and talking kindly with others.

    Scorpio man,will watching others,and pretend to have fun,may be silently flirting and gazing at one or two guest.

    Scorpio woman,looking for someone to intimidate,checking other woman looks and acting jealous around her man. and cant wait to be home.

    sag woman will be trying as hell to get the attention of the opposite sex ,including married ones.

    in as many ways as possible.

    sag men,will having fun,fun,fun.and telling jokes.and enjoying food.lovely!

    Leo (m+f)will be the attention of everyone,they can't help it. i love them!

    Aries,mingling with equally attention seeker sag,admiring one another BS.

    Aquarius and Capricorn,will be having GREAT discussions about books,and anything intellectually.

    Taurus woman,will be as usual trying to fit in.while Taurus men will enjoying the dinner and company,great guests!

    Gemini as for Leo ,will get everyone attention with their energy and good looks.don't you just like looking at them!

    Pisces ,moody ,moody.while someone is watching them and admiring them from afar.they are (never alone).just irresistible creatures ! don't you think?

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    Im a Libra as for me I'll be paying more attention to everyone around me as the gentlemen will be glaring at every moment at everybody and waiting for someone to make a wrong moves so they can strike.

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  • =P
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    Capricorn would want to be the one organizing where the dinner plates, forks, spoons, napkins, and etc. would be placed on the table. And they would want to sit away from the loud and annoying signs. They want a seat where it's most quiet and peaceful.

    Lol, space cwy. I won't be drinking, trust me.

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    aries engaged in a intense conversation with someone next to them.

    taurus probably in the kitchen either cooking or making the drinks or siting in middle of the table telling a good joke.

    cancer is fidgeting around playing with the silverware.

    leo is doing something outrageous or saying something loudly trying to have the spotlight.

    virgo is constantly moving around making sure they are perfect and are closest to the action, probably near the taurus or leo.

    libra is outside smoking with a few people and charming the pants off them...literally.

    scorpio is sitting near a best friend minding their own business, or at least thats what they want you to believe. probably sitting at th end of the table.

    saggitarus is wandering around chatting with all the ladies.

    cappricorn is either in the kitchen helping the taurus or listening to the stories and just enjoying peoples company.

    aquarius has made their way around the room 3 times and has made every one smile at least once.

    pisces with their silent magnetic personalities probably has all of the ladies waiting in line to get their chance to sit next to them and the guys envying them.

    cool question.

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    I'm a cancer-leo cusp and I would want to sit on the side of the table right at the top not center coz i dont like to be center of attention. I want a capricorn (guy) on one side of me and a pisces (guy) on the other side. i would say libra would try to balance every conversation out its just their nature. virgo would try to act high society soo my virgo friend. leo and sag would be getting into arguments with people maybe aries too. gems would be well if its a gem woman being nosy gem guy laid back. one big happy family please leave aquarius out lol they tell me stuff i already know its interesting to hear them talk tho lol i would probably be looking at scorpio (guy) all nite lol even tho i would want to take the cap home... lol wat fun ok so all i can think of is flirting .. uncovering secrets so boring

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