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Why is it called Death Note?

Shouldn't it be called Death Book, since it is actually a book, not a piece of paper???

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    So that people won't confuse it with the Book of Death ( from Egypt )

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    Death Note=Note Book

  • Technically when names are written down, it's more of taking notes, whereas, if it were a Death Book, all the names would be written it already and all that would need to be done is to read them. Think about it like this, when you're in class do you write in the textbooks or in a notebook?

    Why did L have to die?

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    Well, actually the Shinigami (death gods) used the death note to write the people's name, or note in there. So, I think, that's why, it is a note, not a book. Plus, books are usually thicker than the death note, so it wouldn't make really sense.

    My friend actually bought the death note from amazon, and it looks cool. She wrote there a name of one stupid teacher, but, unfortuanately, it didn't work. lol

    But it looks like from the movie. (I liked the anime more than the movie. I missed blende Misa-Misa lol lol lol)

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  • Umm coz it's a notebook that causes death and Death Book doesn't sound as thrilling...doesn't roll of your tongue easily... xP Blech It's not edible anyways lol ^^

    Oh and maybe coz he writes the details of the death in note form too instead of huge complicated sentences :3

    Cuppy cakes!~ :D

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    It is a note because you don't write someone's story in it you just write a note about his name and how is he gonna die witch is considered note or notes not paragraph or phrases witch is why it is called Death Note plus amongst all the odds that name is cooler than book.

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    Death Note sounds WAAAAYYYY cooler than Death Book.

    Also, most of the time Light is using the pages [ripped out] from the book... instead of the whole thing.

    So maybe that's why?

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    good question!

    well, when you were in middle school and was always passing *notes*

    thast what it reffers to.

    not a piece of paper but an entry of some sory.

    so technically the phrase deathnote would bean

    Death entry (reffering to an entry to a book or paper)

    if you don;t get what i mean by entry then i mean something with writing on to tell someone or remind you of something.

    thus we have" hey, did you read the note?"

    get it now?

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    its a NOTE book of death and death NOTE sounds alot kweler then death book lol

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    Because Death Book doesn't sound as cool. D:

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