Why is the Landmark Forum so popular?


I took it and a few other Landmark Education courses, but I want to know why others like it.

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    Regularly participating in Landmark courses provides practical tools to positively address and transform the daily challenges that everyone encounters.

    I participated in The Landmark Forum in March of 2004. It was a truly wonderful experience; I have had so many things transform in my life that it is not possible to mention them all here. The two main things were contributing to curing Stage 4 B-Cell Lymphoma and having relationships with my wife and daughter that I never dreamed possible. The people who participate in Landmark courses are remarkable. They are healthy committed people who are up to making a difference in Our World.

    Here are links to some of the sites set-up by Landmark Graduates that show the contributions Landmark Graduates are making to Our World. http://legrads.com.au/; http://www.ilovepossibility.info/; http://www.landmarkeducation.com/gradslive.jsp?top... and http://www.landmarkinireland.com/.

    Since participating in The Landmark Forum I have completed The Advanced Course, both Communication Courses, The Wisdom Course and I am currently in my eleventh (11th) consecutive Seminar. Because Landmark Courses are so beneficial for everyone I have met there and the many people I have introduced to Landmark, I regularly assist in courses; assisting enables Landmark to deliver their courses at a very reasonable prices, especially when compared to other courses. Regularly participating in Landmark Courses has enabled me to continue to positively address and transform the daily challenges that everyone encounters.

    Here are two links that I found that reflect the experiences I have had with Landmark Education. The first one is a Survey of Health Professionals and Educators; the second one is from Dr. Raymond D. Fowler, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer American Psychological Association, who participated in The Landmark Forum with his wife, who is also a psychologist.

    Survey of Health Professionals and Educators: http://www.harrisinteractive.com/news/newsletters/...

    Harris Interactive found that survey results showed that the vast majority of respondents held very positive views regarding Landmark Education programs as more than nine of ten agreed that Landmark's programs were responsibly and professionally conducted, produced practical and powerful results, and made a profound difference in their lives. Moreover, nearly all respondents (96%) agreed that Landmark Education Programs provided great value.

    Dr. Raymond D. Fowler: http://www.sinus-ffm.de/lec/landmark/fowler.html

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    Landmark Forum

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    I took the Landmark Forum over ten years ago and I have been recommending it ever since. I enjoy learning new things that make my life easier. I have learned strategies that I still use today to get great results in my relationships and at work. With this information I feel I have control of my life. I am in charge and I can make things happen. I think that's why people like the courses so much.

    Source(s): My personal experiences from taking classes with Landmark Education in New York, Chicago and Phoenix.
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    I went through their first course. I'll give them this... it is a very powerful course. It is lifechanging...

    .... however... the shady side of it is they are really strong on getting your friends in to their free intro sessions so they can sign up.

    And during the session, there is much of it convincing you how powerful the course is, and that you want all your friends and family to experience such a wonderful experience too.

    .... it's culty in that sense... and that's why it is so "popular"

    .... however. IT DOES WORK! I've been through it... I can honestly say if you follow along with everything they tell you to do, and commit, and don't let yourself fail the weekend, you'll come out transformed forever. It's worth the $300 or whatever they charge... and when you pay it, you'll make sure you get your moneys worth during the weekend.

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