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Are Beados Beads the New Bindeez Beads?

Are they safe? Everyone thought Bindeez were safe, but they contained a toxic glue when swallowed that turned into a toxic illegal drug GHB, also known as fantasy, when ingested. Has anyone brought Beados Beads for there chidren?

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    Beados are the New Safe Bindeez Beads!

    I got a letter sent to me, telling me how the new product is made at a new factory, with a new formula and they have added a lot more testing procedures – as well as making the product taste really disgusting.

    It sounds safe to me, besides they wouldn't be allowed to bring it back if it wasn't safe.

    All I know is that it keeps my daughter away from the TV for hours! Gotta love that :)

    Check out the Beados website for more detailed information.

    Source(s): Letter was recieved from Moose Enterprise More detailed information can be found at
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