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shy guy...(shy girl)...signs a shy guy likes you?

what are some signs that a guy who is really shy likes you.....i know he is shy but i am way too shy myself to look at him in the eyes and if i do its like about 2 seconds then i look away real quick and he does the same thing but only to how do i know for sure wut are signs i can look for

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    If he passes by you and makes eye contact for an instant and looks away.

    A gentle smile.

    if you're both shy, it's kinda hard to start a relationship. The first thing to do is talk to him, cause he won't talk to you, he's too shy.

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    Im a shy guy and if i liked a girl, i would just smile at her and treat her better then the way i treat the other girls. Id probs tell her shes pretty and stuff. She would know.

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    i was pretty shy right up til 9th grade. If he's makin eye contact with you, and you catch him lookin more than once then he probably likes you. a good test is to look back at him and give a little half smile, if you see his eyes get all big than theres a pretty good chance he likes you.

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    Ah.. Thats really sweet...

    Let me give you a little hint.. You are shy around him because you really like him and are afraid of messing it up... The thing I think you need to realize is that if you do not do anything, you will also mess it up...

    In short, if you suspect he likes you, then the chances are strong he REALLY likes you... :) Just go up to him and start talking... Pick anything... If he truly likes you, then he will try to keep the conversation going...

    Good Luck and I Hope this helps... :)

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    If he sits to your right try crossing your legs to the right towards him, see if he crosses his to your side. That's a sign. Lean forward when you sit, and see if he does the same, then lean back and see if he mimics. That's also a sign.

    P.S. I hope I'm not the shy guy your talking about.

    P.P.S. You wouldn't know because this is a fake name.

    Source(s): Same things been happening to me for couple weeks, I'm a shy guy.
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    His voice gets higher when he talks to you. Can't maintain eye contact.

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    i think that's a sign that he likes you. but from that, you cant tell if he reallly likes you or just like you. you can talk to him. like about the school or some common topic.

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    If he ignores sometimes shows he is into you (just cus he is nervous or is trying to play hard to get)

    If you catch him looking at you..and then he turns away when you look back

    If he asks your friends about you

    If he tries to be close to you or "bump" into you in the hallway

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    ahh this is a very good question does he mostly try to talk to you does he seem jittery around you maybe a liitle sweaty if so the answer is yes

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