Egyptian men marrying foreign women to get out from Egypt?

Do you think egyptian men are marrying western women just to get out from Egypt?They prettend they fell in love,marry westerner just to live better life and leave her for arabian girl residing in west?I think yes.I have heard a lot of egyptian boys saying that its the best way to get out from Egypt by marrying a foreigner.But how does feel such a woman when she is scummed like that?

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    I am sure this does happen a lot but you can not generalise and say Egyptian men it's more some Egyptian men are doing this.

    Most of the women this happens to are a lot older than the men have met them on the Internet. There are signs for women who know Egyptian men to look out for like them asking for money to be sent for them, the relationship moves very fast etc.

    However there are many men who genuinely love western women and marry them and move to a Western country because she or her family do not want her to move to Egypt and they live in a Western country and are very happy and are in love with their Western woman and don't want to be with anyone else and have a family together. Some move in with their wife for a short period of time to save money before they both move to Egypt.

    There are also men who are in love with Western women and the western woman moves to Egypt to be with them not for the money just because they love each other and they get married and have their life in Egypt together.

    You really shouldn't generalise I'm not saying it doesn't happen because it does but many are genuine and are in love.

    Source(s): I am in love with an Egyptian who does not even want to visit England and certainly doesn't want to live in England and i am moving over there and it is very genuine. I also know of very Genuine relationships between Western women and Egyptians that are living in a Western country together and in Egypt together and they are very happy.
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    Yes. Life is very hard in Egypt and this is one of the ways. They are very thankful for the Internet to help them achieve this. They are snake oil salesmen that will tell you whatever you want to hear and sweep you off your feet to get out of their country. They will use you and go back to marry their own women. Its sad but true because it happened to me.

    Don't fall for it. I was hurt especially since I had a child. But I believe in Karma. What goes around, comes around. They are cheaters, scums, love money, liers, and its not even worthing visitng the country. They will do anything and its not real.

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    You can't say that ALL Egyptian men do this but I would say the majority... just look at how many times people have posted these sort of questions in the Egypt section:

    - I met an Egyptian man online, he says his grandma is sick and needs £$10,000... is he using me?

    - I fell in love with an Egyptian waiter/porter/ ect. after two weeks and he wants to move to London because he wants us to be together forever, is this right?

    - My Egyptian boyfriend wants to come over to visit but can't afford the ticket, so he wants me to pay.

    - The Egyptian waiter that I met online and I'm so in love with has asked me to marry him after two months of meeting on the internet.

    I'd say these sort of questions get posted 3x a week here! I think it's partly because when you're on holiday you can lose all your inhibitions and do silly things you don't usually do at home... the hot sun, the sea, the stunning architecture, the hospitality... and then some cute local guy 'falls in love with you' and it's like you're in a Hollywood movie.

    Don't be too hard on the boys though... life is hard in Egypt. When you come over for a couple of weeks in Sharm all you see is the wonderful tourist destination not the fact that there are serious problems with the Egyptian economy... the prices for food have gone up 4 fold in the past few months while pay has stayed the same, there is shortage of bread, people who have graduated from university can't find jobs... they can't marry an Egyptian girl because they would be expected to pay Mahr/provide accomodation and take care of her, which they can't do... It's not just 'let's take that silly old British/Russian etc. woman for a ride' it's a very real problem in Egypt.

    Source(s): Egyptian.
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    I have egyptian boyfriend we have been together 8 month I lived there for a year I havent slept with him ive met his family but when i came home he said he would helo me he has had job 1 konth now nothing but I think if he wanted me back some how I would be bye now it been 3 months nothi g but we do speak everyday could you give me some advise please

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    Yes thats truth.Many egyptian boys are marrying western women to get out from Egypt.Its up to woman if she understand the game and agree but myself im really sceptical that woman will be happy with this situation at the end.Its not nice to do like this to women even if they are not muslim they deserve respect and not to become a instrument of some guys dreams of better life.

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    they marry them to get out of here ... and for the nationality ... blonde hair and blue eyes are very attractive to dark men (but not this man) black hair and brown eyes are very attractive to white chicks Egyptian men find the European girls "easier" than local ones ... taking into consideration the amount of horniness and the depravation all over the place (although i noticed it's not THAT hard to get a girl here as well but there's always a disaster ... afraid her dad will know, or her brother, etc .. Europeans are much more open about it .. no taboos ... as my friend put it once "hattal3 3ein ommak ligayet ma takhod haga" sorry for being blunt but it's the truth) ...... and marrying them is easier .. just sign a few papers ... no need for mahar + shabaka + i don't know what ... well, i lived 7 years in Europe. I had countless relationships .. but i never thought about marrying any of them .. why ? i don't know .. it's all about love and connection for me ... i did almost fall in love with one of them (she was Spanish - gypsy - dark LOL) ... but it didn't happen ... i guess i always knew i was destined to find my love somewhere around .. 'cuz i never wanted to marry a Lebanese girl either loooooool ( had 2 Lebanese girlfriends .. they are too demanding and high maintainance) but i have to add something : you find many of the white chicks marrying Egyptian men they met in Sharm or Hurghada ... both are low-middle class (she saved for a year to take this vacation and he works in the Hotel) ... the first thing on both of their minds is sex .... im not saying it's wrong ... i mean i met this Egyptian guy in the Lithuanian embassy in Cairo .. he met a Lithuanian girl for 10 days and he wanted to go visit her there .. i saw her pic ... typical Lithuanian villager ... but she told him her dad owns a huge company ... and he lied too ... i bet when he goes to Lithuania he'll dump her in a second after seeing the REAL Lithuanian beauty ... High class girls like my girlfriends aren't interested in marrying a foreigner unless he's an American or European tycoon and it's never for love - always for money .... they can have fun with those "dark toy boys" for a little while ... then ditch them and move on ... the lifestyle for each social class is very different ... that's why i never ventured into a "love" relationship with any of them .... i either just fooled around or kept them as "friends" who could get me into VIP parties ... That villager girl has her own fantasies about getting out of her situation and going anywhere in the world .. for her it's better ... and she usually is from a dysfuctional family (lives with one of her parents or her grandmom .. has an abusive alcoholic stepdad .. stuff like that) .. let's face it .. Egypt is Exotic and would make a very nice place for her to live (in her fantasies)... until she crash lands here and all the social and cultural differences start to appear ... I can talk endlessly about this subject .. maybe i should've been in that chat with you and Hope ... anyway i hope i made some of my points clear ... Addit : about the expressing the emotions thing ... when having a foreign wife .. it's like you have immunity .. you can do something in public and people will say "she's a foreigner .. it's normal" ... but an Egyptian wife ... in public ... "Ikhtishy ya bittttttt" "nas ma 3andahash dammmm" .. etc .... it's all the role of society here ... taboos and i think someone said "the Khawaga complex" .. or as we say in Lebanon "koll shee franji branji" .. i dont know what it means loooool but ... ya .. when she's a foreigner .. it's like people EXPECT this kind of thing to happen since it's "normal" for her ... and the man should comply with the "normal" behavior of the khawagaya wife ... i dont think an Egyptian woman married to a foreigner guy would do that or allow him to do that bcz of the way the society looks at her .. she's expected to go through "khitan" .. and be "modest" and "mohajjaba" and "timshy w 3inha fel ard" and a million other taboooooos ... like the word "7orma" which comes from "7aram" as if the woman is a "3ib" ..... any other behavior would bring her accusations of being a "......" ... including marrying a foreigner ... "lih heya el riggala khilsit" ??? ... but an Egyptian (or Arab) man marrying a white chick is considered a "conquerer of the new lands" ...... my Arab friends used to ask me every time i had a date "shoo .. rafa3t el 3alam" ??? but actually it's the opposite .. iam usually the one feeling exploited bcz iam the "hot" one providing most of the pleasure ... white chicks (Eastern European) are usually coooold .. compared to the Arab and Mideterranian women .. they are nothing .. but for some dude experiencing it for the first time (fully) ... it might mean something .. i don't know... anyway ... you get my drift ..... I will express my love for my wife in public and i won't give a damn ............. you'll see -D

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    Not all Egyptian men. And no offense to the women, but if they fall in love online, then they should seriously think again.

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    But what about if you fall in love with Egyptian man and he does not want to leave his country, so how would that pan out, would he want the European woman to support him in Egypt or would he have to support her...????

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