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Can't run TI Interactive on Vista?

i have TI Interactive which is a program used for doing maths assignments and stuff, it came with my graphics calculator. It works fine on my old computer which is running XP but not on the newer computer which is running Vista. is there anyway to get it to work on Vista?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its very simple....

    -go to the installer file of TI(you'll find it by browsing your installer CD.Its probably called setup.exe or something of the sort.It should have the extension .exe)

    -right click the files icon and select properties from the drop-down menu.

    -In the compatibility tab,check the box which says 'run this program in compatibility mode for:'

    -Select the OS with which you know the file works(In this case, windows also have to select the service pack)

    -Select OK, and install the program

    Please email me for further assistance :)

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  • lleo
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    4 years ago

    Ti Interactive

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