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What is a turn off to you in a relationship? What is your zodiac sign?

Adding more aspects would be more helpful to understand.

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    I am completely turned off by clingy guy who is completely dependent on me for his happiness. Put it this way, I like a guy who is independent and confident. The second he starts up with his whining or calling me 24/7, it's over.

    Source(s): I am Aries/Libra/Sagittarius
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    Virgo with Aries Moon- My ex. He was really bad tempered in our relationship, I didn't see that side of him at first. I know it's not like this with all Virgos, I'm not implying that. He worried too much. He was far too careful. He dumped me because I was too shy. Aries with Virgo Moon- My current boyfriend. He's a stubborn git. I feel like I'm the only one making the compromises. He doesn't know how to be sweet with me. But he's a real gentlemen deep down. He's more sensitive than he lets on, but he acts like this tough guy. He's protective of me and I love it. We've been together for a year and a half. Libra with Taurus Moon- My ex. He was a real gentlemen. The only bad thing I have to say about him is that he isn't daring enough. If he was more daring and had more faith in things working out, then maybe we wouldn't have split up. He was so easy to talk to. He knew how to make me happy. Gemini unsure of his Moon sign- We never got together, but we had a thing for each other for a year or so (he never knew I liked him back though). This is the sweetest, most sensitive guy I've ever met. But he wasn't sensitive as in the in your face type, it was subtle. He was also very funny and we spoke to each other for hours on end. With him, it was like my social anxiety just disappeared and I become that confident, bubbly girl again. I shouldn't have turned him down.

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    Im an Aries, and LOVE a challenge, when in a relationship i dont want everything handed to me on a silvar plater, as flattering as that would be, i like a little friction in the relationship, someone who will challenge me and not just give me 'the win' everytime. I need a man who will standup to me and take control (not the over controling possesive guys, but i dont wanna push over either)

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    I do not tolerate men that will drill me with my whereabouts (where Im at, who Im with, blah, blah) every 5 minutes or digs deep into my business when we had only just met. You can deferentiate between when a man is asking out of a genuine manner and when he is being a possessive prick!I also feel claustorphobic and suffocated if the guy is overly possessive or jealous, ugh! its such turn off that will make me run to hills without looking back! lol. I like someone I have fun with without all the drama of the jealousy, I want to hang out with my guy friends and he hang out with his girl friends, carefree..

    gemini sun, gemini moon, sag rising ( :

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    It depends whether it's early on or later on. I'm very turned off by a guy who seems even remotely like he's trying to play me or doesn' t have time for me. I put myself through the ringer in my younger days over guys like this and I got married only when I stopped taking that stuff and was willing to move on if necessary. Unintelligent men are not for me, even if they're very sweet. You have to be clever and well-spoken, and conversational, or you won't keep my attention. I dislike poor grooming or personal hygiene (I think you can thank my Venus in Virgo for that one). As time goes on, you need to be evolved and balanced in addition to those things. You need to be able to make changes when they need to be made without losing your cool or being mean or hostile in the pursuit of it. You need to respect work-life balance but at the same time provide well financially and enjoy your career. Constant cursing or substance abuse doesn't rank really high with me either. If you want to see my aspects, feel free: July 24, 1967 at 5:36 AM in New York City.


    I guess I got the thumbs-downs from offended dumb, smelly guys?

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    I like a good old fashioned manly man and bad hygiene is a turn-off! I love a guy to make the first move always!! I'm a Libra Sun/Gemini Moon/Sagg. Rising

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    A guy who is obsessively clingy and dependant and thinks yoo're in love with him after about 3 days and talks about marriage and children. It's just plain creepy. Also if you throw no hygeine, no sense of humour, no random carefreeness [aka stick up their ***] and a real egotistical self-centred attitude attitude into that equation you get the worse possible thing EVER to walk this planet. :S

    I'm a leo/virgo cusp with an aquarius rising and gemini moon sign.

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    My total turn off in clinging. I also don't like if they're stupid, disrespectful, needy, too romantic, lying, pushing, abusive, drunk, ignoring, someone who can't give me my space and tend to please everyone. Also if that guy's big flirt, then NOPE, and also I don't want to commit too early.

    Source(s): Scorpio sun Aquarius moon
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    Someone who is possessive and jealous. In addition, someone who gets in the way of my liberty. I'm a Sag female.

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    Im a scorpio girl with rising and moon and mars in saggitarius and venus is in libra, the biggest turn off for me is someone who does not do enough forplay before sex someone who just wants to get to it is to boring for me and also bad hygiene is the biggest turn off for me like someone who doesnt worry about there mouth smelling nice is just disgusting lol, someone with dirty shoes is a turn off for me, oh yeah and someone who is controlling and posessive and tries to tell me what to do and needs to know where im at 24/7 is just a turn off as well i need space lotssssssss

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