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whats the best way to egg an car?

I know this is childish and illegal but its better than shooting the cheating a** son of a b**ch. How can i get the best damage out of egging the precious acura that he was f******* his dirty butt tricks in? I heard if you egg with toliet paper it will stick? Also will the impact of the eggs make the car alarm go off? If so what is a way that i can damage his car without it going off? Please dont tell me im stupid or its worng or whatever...i know what risk i am taking by vandalising ones property....dont ask that i grow up or 23 years old and i am not doing this as a prank...this is revenge


I want him to have to put in a lot of work...i want him to either be driving aroung in a busted car or for him to empty that lil bank account of his to get it fixed....thats why i want the best way that produces the best results

Update 2:

also what about keying the car...u think that will make the alarm go off?

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    she CLEARLY said not to call her childish^^^^...i feel u girl...make that mothafucker look like a dumbass; let him try to pick up bitches in a ****** up car LMAO!! And about the keying, the car that i keyed didnt go off...maybe he just had the automatic locks but not the not sure tho....if he is a heavy sleeper i'd do it while he is sleep. Good luck and DONT GET CAUGHT!!

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    4 years ago

    I would advise you to drop that condescending attitude, you didn't understand anything because you knew beforehand that what you were doing is wrong and you're not sorry about it either, you're just willing to lie so it can go away. Let's be honest, I was your age too. Now that we've cleared that out what you did is ,on paper, vandalism, which is a criminal offense and it's not brought up by the car owners but by the police after a complaint has been made with sufficient evidence behind it, which indeed leads to an arrest. I say on paper because I have yet to hear that a minor got charged with vandalism for egging (not saying it didn't happened just that I didn't hear about such things). If damages were done (the damages are specific to this type of action, there's a certain concentric ripple effect pattern left behind) to the cars the owners can claim the necessary repairs from the insurance company or make a big deal and blow this out of proportion and take it on you (or to be more exact on your parents). Which would be rather absurd and time consuming. However, be prepared, if they do and have serious damages to the vehicles, they'll most likely win. From my experience the most you'll get out of this is a good scare and verbal warning. Edited: I stand corrected, after reading some comments above it does seem that egging got some people arrested and jailed. However those do sound rather extreme.

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    Eggs are sooo last year, go with this geta a fish from the grocerey store and reach under the car to find a nice place to put it, if he doesnt find it for awhile he may even have to scrap the car. Another oldie but a goodie is the leaner. Go to his house/ apartment and find a large garbage can fill it with water and lean it against the door at a 45 degree angle, knock on the door and run like hell. Both are funny and dont make you look like such a phsyco.

    The best revenge is living well!

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    haha....just crack in a bowl and dump them over the car and let them sit over night, I would use a full dozen.... Also, you can put sliced ham all over it...the paint will be destroyed. I hope the alarm doesn't go off some are more sensitive than others, that's funny as $h!t...revenge is great

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    ahh might I suggest something more powerful than eggs

    Like bologna

    If you put it on the car just before the sun comes up on a warm peels the paint off.

    I've never done it, but I've seen it done, and it is priceless.

    However, if you wish to go the high road and use eggs, crack the eggs before dumping them on the car to avoid the alarm going off

    Best of luck ;-)

  • Anonymous
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    Crack the eggs open on the ground and dump them on the car and let them dry over night... Put some peanut butter all over it too... Maybe take some sand paper to it also... It will look like beautiful art work when you are done..

  • J.
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    Don`t egg the car.If you want inexpensive revenge you could

    push a couple of raw potatoes up the exhaust.If your really

    out for blood then paint stripper poured all over the body panels of the car will really mess it up bad.


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    You don't egg a car. It does a lot more than just require work to clean up. The egg will ruin the paint, requiring a new paint job.

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    Get a large bowl...........empty like 24 eggs in with flour..........mix...........dump on car and spread out with hands.......wearing gloves of course.......and Taaah're done. And while you're at it find a real man.

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    1 decade ago

    u r bad *** nice. Well i would through the eggs at it and try and make it dry over the car

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