what happened to Padma Lakshmi's (top chef) arm?

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    When she was 14 years old, she was involved in a serious automobile accident, causing an injury of her right arm, which required surgery leaving a 7 inch scar,[1] between her elbow and shoulder. The accident happened on a Sunday afternoon on her way back with her parents from a Hindu temple in Malibu. She remembers a loud bang, looking out the windshield and realized the family's red Mecury Sedan was airborne. Padma describes the event in the Vogue-April 2001 edition as "Flying in a car felt like an exhilarating hallucination, an unbelievable ride that oddly remains one of the most beautiful images in my memory." The car flew 40 feet down an embankment directly into a tree. The tree trunk fell directly on top of the car. She remained conscious, covered in glass, for the 40 minutes it took for the paramedics and firefighters to get through the traffic. They used the "jaws of life" to extract the family from the crumpled car. A helicopter landed in the middle of the highway to air lift her parents away while an ambulance carried Padma to the hospital. Fortunately, everyone survived. Her injuries included a fractured right hip and a shattered upper right arm which resulted in her famous 7" scar.

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    Padma Lakshmi Arm

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    Padma Lakshmi Scar

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    what happened to Padma Lakshmi's (top chef) arm?

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  • Yes, it was a car accident, as the first person said.

    It was on either a reunion special or the All Star special, but someone asked her what happened and she started out with this story of hunting tigers or something and it was really funny, she quickly retreated though and said that she was in an accident.

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    She was in a serious car accident when she was a teen. She told the story on The View about how she used to cover it up because she thought it was ugly. But, now she is happy to show it because she said it proves she is a survivor!

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