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what can i use to temposarily write on a mirror?

i wanna write something nice on my moms mirror for mothers day...

what can i use that will wipe right off with windex?

where can i buy it?

plz and thanx!

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    You can use dry erase markers, like expo markers. They wipe right off with a tissue, just like they would on a dry erase board.

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    Lipstick,crayon,paint, the possibities are endless. You could also try the stuff in Automtive isle that they use to write on windows. Hope this helps alittle bit.

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    you can find that stuff on the art aisle at officemax or depot, or a hobby store. Get the stuff you write on car glass with.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lip stick! It rubs off if you use windex.

    Or they have window markers that I saw at CVS too.

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  • pink
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    1 decade ago

    Use permanent marker.

    Simply use rubbing alcohol when you want to remove.

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