Why is there racism in Israel against Ethiopian Jews?

Another person's question drew my attention to this article:,7340,L-3324656,...


Oh, so I ask a question about an article that I just saw, and that automatically makes me a "Jew hater"? Jeez you're not doing much to go against stereotypes!

Update 2:

Furthermore, what you're implying is that the Ethiopian Jews are not really Jews.

Update 3:

Furthermore, what you're implying is that the Ethiopian Jews are not really Jews.

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    I wonder why they did not show the white Jews that protested along with the Ethiopian Jews. However, it's important to note that AIDS in Israel is especially prevalent in the Ethiopian community and there is no way they can check every single person for the HIV virus.

    "The guidelines set by the Ministry of Health determines that anyone who was born, or who lived for over a year since 1977 in central Africa, southeast Asia or the Carribean islands, or has spent over six months in Britain, or was in France, Ireland or Portugal for over 10 years - can chose not to donate blood, or donate blood, which is then marked, and know that it will not be used for transfusions."

    "The testing the blood goes through is not enough since some of these diseases have a 'window' in which they are undetectable, like HIV, where even a test cannot discover if the blood is contaminated. These guidelines are not an Israeli invention and they are accepted throughout the entire modern world."

    The truth is that it happens everywhere, but you have only found out about it in Israel. If you have been to Africa in the six months before you donate blood in the US, they will also throw your blood away.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why is it you Jew haters always post old news? The only racism I ever seen toward Ethiopians was from a sudanese illegal alien who called an Ethiopian woman a "habash vagina" and an East Jerusalem Arab cab driver who when driving by again an Ethiopian woman he whispered one of the Arab insults for Black Africans.

    As for the blood, if you read more on this subject besides that one small article written by the leftist newspaper you would have seen that they only threw away blood from those who had no current medical record, which means they were not going for regular checkups. Israel has strict rules relating to holding blood because of religious reasons and past errors with bad blood

  • Anonymous
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    Probably because the Ethiopian Jews claim to have the Ark of the Covenant.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its surprising that Jews would be racist-of all people.

    @proves nothing-I've seen you post this before, but was unsure what to make of it. That article now, will really make me delve deeper.

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