Army Meps drug test help!!!!!!!!!!?

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I know it depends on alot of factors but if this helps, I smoked bout a half a day between 3 or four people for bout 4 years, I just turned 17 may 10, im 6'2 175 lbs, and my test more
Update : I thought people who were edjucated enough to go to the military were more
Update 2: yea sry i didnt put the actual question, i need 2 know if ill pass
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Honestly, 2 gallons of water DAILY. Drink, and pee. Drink and pee. You should be fine.

Good luck!!!

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This answered my question perfectly, thank you
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  • mairdo51 answered 6 years ago
    If you saturate yourself with marijuana for years like you did, you are probably going to fail the test if you take it a month after you quit. I suggest you find something to do for the summer, and then talk to your recruiter again in August. Also, it should go without saying that you should stay off of any type of drug. Let your body detox itself before you get flagged at MEPS.

    Additionally, if you manage to stay clean all summer, you will probably have an easier time adjusting to the high-discipline military lifestyle.
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  • dsm37127 answered 6 years ago
    i fail to see a question here. all i see is facts and information. are you asking if the drug test will come back positive or what? if thats the question, the answer is yes and you will not go any further. if you fail the drug test, enlistment will be barred. if you knew drugs were bad, then why do them?


    us army, military police
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  • hehehohohaha answered 6 years ago
    Hmmm, you're the one desperate for help, yet when someone gives you some advice, you get offended? Yeah, you need some serious growing up to do. With that attitude, you'll wash out in boot camp. The drill instructors are gonna eat you alive sensitive ***.
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  • onefemcop answered 6 years ago
    OK I'm going to be quite honest and to the point with this answer, because i know its what you need.

    You are what we call in the service a "pot head". If you do not plan to stop smoking, please, please do everyone a favor including yourself and "do not take that test".

    I understand that some people associate smoking drugs with having a good time as a teenager, but like you said "its time to grow up". I'm not saying don't ever take the test, but please wait. If you cannot give up smoking drugs outside of the military

    What makes you believe or think that they will tolerate it, if you happen to slip through the cracks. If you get caught at the MEPS station, they will be watching you even more closely than before, especially your recruiter.

    If you make it through, I'm going to familiarize you with a new acronym that you will most likely hear. UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) article# 83, 92 and 112a I'm sure they will tack on a few more also.

    So take this info from a soldier that can still submit the necessary papers to start the process of an Article 15. Once you sign that contract, mom and dad cannot save you.

    1. Dependency on illegal drugs is disqualifying.

    2. Any history of drug use is potentially disqualifying.

    3. Any history of dependency on alcohol is disqualifying

    and my experience.
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