Do tree's or plants ever die from old age? I have heard or tree's being hundreds of years old, i just wondered

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    Some plants are naturally short lived......we are talking just trees here....let's not get into annual, biennial, perennial differences.

    After a forest fire Mother Nature repairs the damage with quick growing plants......first the forbs (little leafy things) and then shrubs and trees. These first trees are fast growing as they have a job to do, but sacrifice long lift to grow so fast. As a result they also die out quickly but not until the slower growing and longer lived plants have a start under the protective canopy of the nurse plants.

    The die out quickly because they lack the ability to ward off disease. I'll explain below. Longer lived trees have the ability to contain disease. Let's leave it at that. This isn't an epistle.

    In woody plants.......trees........a plant is under constant assault from fires, insects......and Boy Scouts with hatchets. Each wound in a tree is compartmentalized.......not healed.....but rather isolated by chemical barrier walls within the plant to contain disease development or spread. New wood grows over the wound and we say "healed" but the wound is always there. This comparmentalization takes energy to maintain 24/7/365. The more wounds, the more compartments, the more energy drain on the plant.

    Plants "run" on battery power....mostly. That is the plants store energy made by those leaves and then use the energy on a whole host of activities going on even when leaves are absent: new root initiation, flower bud development, leaf bud development, respiration, seed maturation, etc etc and keeping those barrier walls operating. If a plant can not make and store enough energy then systems begin to fail...maybe it won't flower well, maybe growth is limited........maybe the barrier walls begin to fail allowing disease to spread within the plant, destroying more energy with wood cells.

    So woody plants basically die of lack of energy.....their batteries are drained and can not recover.

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    How Do Plants Die

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    I doubt trees can die from old age,here in my town(Belgrade,Serbia) there is an oak older than 300 years!!!I heard that they can live even longer though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes they do. Some trees live a very long time but I can think of a couple of shrubs that don't usually live more than 10 years, and there are many plants that only live one year or two. The reason you see them again and again in the same place is that seeds from the dead plants grew there.

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    Just as we humans have the capability of living a very long time, so do plants. But what the enviroment does to shorten that life in us, it will also shorten the life of a plant. And just as humans, plants have the capability of reproduction. Plants can have seeds or sprout from old roots of the original plant or just regrow from a piece of the original plant falling on the ground. It may be that there is a plant that has nothing left of the original growth but has continued to live through its vines and new roots.

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    think "petrified forest"

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